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life saver

Someone or something that provides crucial help in a difficult situation. The term is almost always applied to situations that are not literally life-threatening. You're a real life-saver for coming over and fixing my flat tire. The knife I brought on the camping trip turned out to be a life saver when we realized we had forgotten a can opener.
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save up (for something)

To put aside and accumulate money in small increments to be able to buy something. We'll have to save up if we want to take that vacation to Greece next summer. I've stopped eating out at restaurants so I can save up for a new car!
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Since December 2011 Halifax Savers Prize Draw has awarded more than 16,500 prizes to savers totalling over [pounds sterling]9m and has received over 1.
In fact, in addition to being more adviser-reliant, the saver often looks at their adviser as a mirror, reflecting their values.
Hagger says savers adopt different strategies, according to age group.
The launch comes as research by Principality reveals that two-thirds of savers are throwing money away by not having a tax-free ISA.
Research suggests Active Savers currently constitute approximately 22 percent of the total U.
Green Fee Savers allow golfers to play a fine selection of top ranked golf courses for half the normal green fee.
This week, pupils at Skyblue Mesa Elementary School in Saugus are raising money by creating and selling the computer screen savers, made from scanned personal photos or from pictures taken from the school's digital camera and saved to disks.
If the account is closed early, the rate of interest will be at the Web Saver (without card) rate, currently 4.
The AARP MedicareRx Plan - Saver is one of the lowest priced Part D Plans in the state that offers comprehensive drug coverage and high-quality customer service.
30, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Saver Express Limited is being recognized for its excellence within the travel industry, with the reception of an "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau.
12, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Saver Express Vacations reviews are reflecting incredibly positive for the international travel alliance.
In June, Cerberus Capital Management LP, new owners of 645 Albertsons, Grocery Warehouse and Super Saver stores under the Albertsons LLC umbrella revealed plans to close 125 supermarkets, affecting 26 CBSAs across the country.
As a leader in the energy-auditing services industry, Guaranteed Watt Saver Systems Inc.
March 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --Beach Marketing, LLC, parent company and developers of Nashville City Saver, Memphis City Saver, Louisville City Saver and Clarksville City Saver coupon books, announced today that its founder, Tom Beach, has been recognized as the 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year.
Zenex Technology can do just that with their innovative (patent pending) Gas Saver technology.