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save up (for something)

To put aside and accumulate money in small increments to be able to buy something. We'll have to save up if we want to take that vacation to Greece next summer. I've stopped eating out at restaurants so I can save up for a new car!
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save (up) (for something)

to accumulate money in order to buy something. I can't buy a car because I am saving up for college. I don't have the money now, but I am saving up.


(one's) face Fig. to preserve one's good standing, pride, or high position (after a failure). The ambassador was more interested in saving his face than winning the argument. Most diplomats are concerned with saving face.
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Alta Cornelissen, manager, Business Excellence for Europ Assistance, said: "EasyAsk for Operational BI has saved our company countless man hours by allowing us to easily create savable and searchable reports rather than re-creating the query each time information is needed.
In Los Angeles, 32,000 were euthanized (last year), of which half were savable.
The shot was hit with devastating power and accuracy, just inside the right-hand post, yet it flew past Almunia at a savable height.
However, a growing body of research clearly shows that there are plenty of homes wanting new pets to ensure that all savable animals in shelters can get new families.
The Report discusses results from individual product reviews and tests in the following areas: physical attributes (zoom range, lens shift, array of inputs, layout, control panels, remote controls); image quality (out-of-the-box performance, black levels, details, sharpness, color accuracy, overall picture quality); and general performance (menus, user savable settings, brightness, rainbow effect, audible noise, calibration).
1 billion in aggregate savable loans when adopted by all banks in the US.