saturate with

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saturate someone or something with something

to drench someone or something thoroughly with something. The rain saturated them all with cooling water. Irrigation saturated the field with the moisture they needed.
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Clear Valley[R] low saturate canola oil extends Cargill's high oleic product platform and is expected to deliver similar functionality, mouth feel and fry and shelf life stability as its current high oleic canola oils, with the added nutritional benefits that help customers meet their saturated fat goals.
For food manufacturers who want to still eliminate trans but reduce saturates, we have extended the SansTrans line to meet this demand.
What is important is to keep our intake of saturates low by avoiding foods that are particularly high in this type of fat.
Our oils give restaurants, for the first time, a way to reduce saturates and get trans fats out of favorite fried foods without having to take them off the menu or compromise taste," said David Dzisiak, global business leader for Oils at Dow AgroSciences, during the National Restaurant Association's annual conference.
8g saturates, 2g salt, medium spice Tasty and it counts as more than two veg portions but it has more than half a woman's daily intake of cholesterol-raising saturated fat.
6g salt A thin and crispy base keeps the total fat content reasonable but it's just as high in artery-clogging saturates as some more fattening pizzas.
Supplies a third of a woman's daily limit of saturates and trans fats, too.