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satisfy (someone or an animal) with something

to use something to please or content someone or an animal. Do you think I can satisfy Mrs. Franklin with payment for her broken window? A dog biscuit will satisfy the dog until its regular feeding time.
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satisfy something by something

 and satisfy something with something
to fulfill a requirement, using a particular thing, such as a school or college course. Can I satisfy the requirements by taking a course in art? Will I satisfy the requirement with this course?
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References in classic literature ?
But a parish has wants and claims which can be known only by a clergyman constantly resident, and which no proxy can be capable of satisfying to the same extent.
No, De Vac would find other means of satisfying his wounded pride, he would revel in revenge against this man for whom he felt no loyalty.
Vronsky was obliged to be his guide in satisfying both these inclinations.
Intellectual stimulation" came in third, with 19% of satisfied physicians, while "financial rewards" was fourth, with 5% of satisfied physicians saying it was the most satisfying aspect of practicing.
Merely satisfying customers by delivering on their rational requirements represents a minimum point of entry for today's businesses; managing to satisfy customers will not drive the enhanced financial performance today's business leaders seek.
If the automatic enrollment feature of a plan is "qualified" it will be treated as satisfying the annual anti-discrimination testing (ADP/ACP tests), and will be exempt from the top-heavy requirements.
368, issued in September 2005, provide taxpayers flexibility in satisfying the continuity of interest (COI) requirement for certain corporate reorganizations.
If an asset recognition model were adopted, TEI agrees that tax positions satisfying the initial recognition threshold should be recorded based on management's "best estimate" of the amount that is probable of being sustained on audit.
The survey included various duties principal must perform with participants indicating the degree to which they found various duties satisfying.
4 percent eight years ago, respondents ranked their fellow employees as the second most satisfying aspect of their jobs.
This law provides that upon written demand from a borrower sent by certified or registered mail, stating that the borrower is satisfying the mortgage and requires information as to the balance due, the mortgage lender must such information within 20 days.
Almost all participants sought help in identifying or affirming a satisfying career direction through assessments and individual interviews.
These patterns of thinking (what we tend to pay more attention to) reflect what we find most satisfying at this point in our lives.
I think we are very close to satisfying their needs," said Putnam.
Perhaps consumers temporarily are taking advantage of the price promotions while simultaneously satisfying their desire for variety.