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satisfy (someone or an animal) with something

to use something to please or content someone or an animal. Do you think I can satisfy Mrs. Franklin with payment for her broken window? A dog biscuit will satisfy the dog until its regular feeding time.
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satisfy something by something

 and satisfy something with something
to fulfill a requirement, using a particular thing, such as a school or college course. Can I satisfy the requirements by taking a course in art? Will I satisfy the requirement with this course?
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Fundamentally, TEI does not agree that a presumption that tax positions will be detected and examined should give rise to a correlative presumption, under all circumstances, that the taxing authority will assert a sustainable, contrary position and, as a result, that no benefit should be provided for the tax position unless the enterprise satisfies a "probable" level of confidence.
In addition, consumers may not find a single brand that satisfies all of the attributes they seek.
L X T) / 50 X 100 < 80 (2), and a dynamic modulus of elasticity E' at 100 [degrees] C and 30 Hz of said PVA fiber cord taken out from said belt reinforcing layer satisfies the following relationship:
397), proposed that no set of positive integers, a, b, c and d, satisfies the equation a.
The Panel's decision was based upon its determination that the Company satisfies the Alternative Listing Standards.
All facts and circumstances must be considered in determining whether a taxpayer satisfies the requirements for qualified research in developing internal-use software.
A plan satisfies the matching contribution safe harbor if it (a) meets the contribution and notice requirements applicable under the elective deferral safe harbor (described above) and (b) meets a special limitation on matching contributions (described below).
Law enforcement - Acme Packet Net-Net satisfies law enforcement requirements, such as CALEA, by supporting transparent session replication and routing of signaling messages and media flows to law enforcement agencies.
This satisfies the "subordination of capital" requirement.
The following sample questionnaire may be used by corporations in determining whether the members of, or nominees to, the corporation's compensation committee (or to the subcommittee that administers its performance-based compensation arrangements) satisfies these requirements.
Contributions in excess of the exclusion allowance set forth in section 403(b)(2) to a plan that satisfies the requirements of section 403(b) are also considered plan defects.
Honeywell's proposal satisfies all of the competition concerns and serves the best interests of all stakeholders," Michael Bonsignore said.
In Situation 1, A is covered by an HDHP, a health FSA and an HRA that pay or reimburse medical expenses incurred before A satisfies the minimum annual deductible under Sec.
A distribution is considered necessary" if it satisfies the following requirements:
Employer C's athletic equipment and apparel stores line of business, therefore, has its own separate management and thus satisfies the requirement of Treas.