sand down

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sand something down

1. to make something smooth by rubbing it with sandpaper. (To act on the main body of the object, not the imperfections.) You should sand the board down before you paint it. Please sand down the board.
2. to remove bumps or imperfections on the surface of something by rubbing them with sandpaper. (To act on the imperfections, not the main body of the object.) Sand these bumps down, will you? Sand down these bumps, please.
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Apple's late co-founder Steve Jobs had once derided the whole concept of small tablets, saying they should be packaged with sandpaper, "so that the user can sand down their fingers to around one quarter of the present size".
Colleagues from food, travel, funeral and other areas of the business came together for the day to paint the exterior walls of the rescue and boarding kennel blocks and sand down and re-stain benches for the Border Collie Trust GB.
Scott pulled his approach into the rough and then he drove into more sand down the last and had to hack out.
Or could I just sand down the worst parts and paint over?
Three-putting the 15th cut the gap to three again and when he drove into sand down the 17th the outcome was still far from certain.
A mere reproduction of that effort will suffice on this occasion and, from a decent draw between slow trappers, Gan On The Hawk and Cold Tea, there is every possibility Hollydale Boy will scorch the sand down the far side and power clear.
The north-westerly winds, which carried the sand down the Arabian Gulf, have slowed down.
Sand down any loose paper and paint it with B-I-N or KILZ spray primer.
When you pack sand down and it can't expand, surface tension is what we're playing with.
One option considered by Nasa was to sand down the area of foam, which would take a couple of hours to carry out on the launch pad.
That night a storm washed the sand down the hill, clogging a neighbor's drain.
Cooling water passes through the tubes in a counter-flow path to cool the sand down to 18F (8C) above wet bulb temperature.
Some furniture makers will even sand down to the wood to reveal a third color.
We put some sand down,'' said Los Angeles County Fire Inspector Henry Rodriguez.
His job was to sand down boxcars in the railroad yard using a hand-held power grinder that turned at 6,000 revolutions per minute.