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one-finger salute

A raising of the middle finger, a rude gesture of anger, displeasure, or dismissal. The car behind me was honking at me to go faster, so I just gave him a one-finger salute.
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three-finger salute

The computer keystroke control-alt-delete, commonly used to force programs to close or the computer to restart. (A jocular play on the expression "one-finger salute," a rude raising of the middle finger to express anger, displeasure, or dismissal.) This computer is so janky that I have to give it the three-finger salute pretty much every day.
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run something up

1. Lit. to raise or hoist something, such as a flag. Harry ran the flag up the flagpole each morning. Will you please run up the flag today?
2. Fig. to cause something to go higher, such as the price of stocks or commodities. A rumor about higher earnings ran the price of the computer stocks up early in the afternoon. They ran up the price too high.
3. Fig. to accumulate indebtedness. I ran up a huge phone bill last month. Walter ran up a bar bill at the hotel that made his boss angry.
4. to stitch something together quickly. She's very clever. I'm sure she can run up a costume for you. The seamstress ran up a party dress in one afternoon.
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run up (to someone or something)

to run as far as someone or something and stop; to run to the front of someone or something. I ran up to the mailman and said hello to him. I ran up and said hello.
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salute someone with something

1. Lit. to greet someone with a formal hand salute. He failed to salute the officer with the proper salute and was reprimanded. David saluted the captain with the appropriate salute and passed on by.
2. Fig. to greet or honor someone with the firing of guns or an over flight of airplanes. (Military or government.) The government saluted the visiting dignitary with a twenty-one gun salute. They saluted the prime minister with a flight of acrobatic jets.
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run up

1. Make or become greater or larger, as in That offer will run up the price of the stock. [Late 1500s]
2. Accumulate, as in She ran up huge bills at the florist. [First half of 1700s]
3. Sew rapidly, as in I can run up some new curtains for the kitchen. [Mid-1800s]
4. Raise a flag, as in Let's run up the flag in time for the holiday. This usage, originating in the navy about 1900, gave rise to the slangy phrase, Let's run it up the flagpole and see if anybody salutes, meaning, "Let's try this out." The latter originated about 1960 as advertising jargon.
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run up

1. To cause some debt to accumulate: Don't run up such a big bill next time you go out to eat! He has been running a large debt up for months.
2. To increase some value: The craze for this company's stock will run up its price. The bidders ran the price up to $100.
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one-finger salute

and OFS
phr. & comp. abb. the finger; the digitus impudicus. And an OFS to you, sir.
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a three-finger salute

and TFS
n. & comp. abb. The keyboard keys Control, Alternate, Delete pressed at the same time when a program fails under the Windows operating system. (This is a play on one-finger salute, the digitus impudicus.) I had to give the TFS twice before the program would run.
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Babayan saluted his daughter's flag-draped casket, then fell to his knees in prayer as about 300 family and friends gathered at Forest Lawn Memorial-Park Hollywood Hills cemetery to remember Stewart's life.
The Tennessee Nurses Association saluted all Registered Nurses in Tennessee in celebration of Nurses Week May 6-12 by running king size transit ads on buses in the cities of Nashville, Memphis, and Chattanooga during the entire month of May.
In Milwaukee, the Brewers play the Minnesota Twins, where Department of Wisconsin members and their guests will be saluted on the field and the first 2006 DAV baseball cards will be distributed to thousands of fans.
I saluted my people with what for me is a sign of belonging to a group that holds true values, values of civility against the standardisation that this society imposes upon us.
As the artist grimaced, saluted, held signs, and donned helmets below, there were repetitions and correspondences on the screen above.
On Independence Day, 2000 the Veteran Corps of Artillery saluted each of the Tall Ships of OPSAIL with a single round fired from Fort Hamilton.
In the last issue, Tom Robinson claimed that an RAF air commodore once told him that when he saluted an officer, "you are saluting the uniform and not necessarily the individual".
The awards are judged by a panel of professional consultants, university faculty and industrial researchers and have saluted such familiar products as the ATM (1973), the fax (1975), the color printer (1986) and the Taxol anti-cancer drug (1993).
Charles Johnson, acting president of Fisk University, saluted Burger and the entire Fisk team for their dramatic creation and their contributions to international safety.
He saluted the officer and said, 'OK,' then found a place of privacy to weep, unashamed.
PS: It's been far too long since this column saluted the singular talents of Rodney's fellow TalkSport legend Mike Parry.
Wearing uniform jackets draped with medals and ribbons, the World War II veterans saluted the rising flag, many with shaking hands.
After that, the next time his daughters saw someone in a military uniform they saluted him, Rogan said.
She is saluted for her efforts to raise funds and generate awareness of the need for closed captioning on television and videocassettes.
And, during that time, I was always under the impression that, when you saluted, you were not saluting the man, you were saluting the uniform.