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When other environmental factors are equal, these emissions indicate the saltiness of surface water.
With the sea air imbibing the whisky with a touch of saltiness, it is a luscious affair.
99, Tesco CLEAR as water, it smells like a Chinese laundry at first, but there's also a real mineral saltiness coming through.
Flavours is another subject area with sections of sweetness, saltiness, sourness, bitterness, astringency, pungency, meatiness, fruitiness and synthetic flavouring.
The sweetness and tropical aroma of the pineapple works wonders with the saltiness and luscious fat of ham.
The rats quickly learned to jump on and nibble the sweetness cue, but turned away from and avoided the saltiness cue.
All were served with cooked sodium-free bow ties and were asked to rate the samples for acceptability of appearance, flavor, taste, saltiness and overall liking, using a nine-point hedonic scale.
If Labour's leader cannot even call upon the most basic principles of natural justice, let alone help forge a new fairer system of economics that puts people and their communities first, it would appear the party's purpose is to be in opposition only in the sense that they sit on the other side of the House - a cowed and craven body that long ago lost its saltiness.
The saltiness works particularly well in this recipe, and it takes little effort to put it together.
There are other conditions that / need to be just right for life to flourish such as; temperature, acidity, and saltiness.
The calf drew back, then changed its mind and returned; nor did it waste any more time, but stood butting Lucy with its wet nose, curling its tongue round her fingers, tasting with relish the faint saltiness of the palm of her hand.
Don't reduce the cream too much when making the carbonara or it will absorb too much of the saltiness from the bacon
Lynn's duck was tasty, but there was an unmitigated saltiness about the black bean sauce that covered it and the sliced peppers that garnished the dish were crudely cut and under-cooked.
Its dark coloured fruits are incredibly juicy and taste is enhanced with a slight saltiness.
Givaudan's new, customized Natural Flavour System modifies off- notes exhibited by KCl and enhances the saltiness overall.