salt away

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salt (something) away

To put something into storage for use at a later date. (An allusion to preserving food, especially meats, by curing it with salt.) Over the years I've taken to salting away lots of bottled water and nonperishable foods, in case of an emergency. You'd be wise to salt some of your paycheck away each month.
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salt something away

1. Lit. to store and preserve a foodstuff by salting it. The farmer's wife salted a lot of fish and hams away for the winter. She salted away a lot of food.
2. Fig. to store something; to place something in reserve. I need to salt some money away for my retirement. I will salt away some money for emergencies.
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salt away

Also, salt down. Keep in reserve, store, save, as in He salted away most of his earnings in a bank account. This idiom alludes to using salt as a food preservative. [Mid-1800s]
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salt away

To save or store something for future use: I salted away money from my summer job to pay for college. I bought 20 packs of paper towels that were on sale, and I salted them away.
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Friendly society children's savings let you salt away a modest, regular monthly sum for a child tax-free for a minimum of 10 years, ideally until their 18th or 21st birthday.
You can use your monthly savings to salt away more for the future, take them as cash up front .
Brown and Tony Blair also have plans to encourage poor families to salt away cash by matching their savings pound for pound.
Rumours are rife that a Labour Government might change the PEP rules to reduce the amount of money you can salt away in one of these plans each year, or to cap the size that your PEP can grow to over time and stay tax-free.
Couples can, of course, salt away pounds 14,000 a year between them.
One way to ride the booms and slumps is to salt away a monthly sub in an ISA fund.
It is now 10 years since Tax Exempt Special Savings Accounts were launched, allowing savers to salt away up to pounds 9,000 and pocket the interest free of tax if they left it for five years.
They allow you to salt away up to pounds 7,000 a year in shares or unit trusts, deposit accounts or insurance savings plans.
Cautious investors, who preferred to salt away a regular monthly sub, would also have been quids in.
And if you can afford to save more, Individual Savings Accounts - ISAs - offer the chance to salt away up to pounds 7,000 this year beyond the reach of the taxman.
We examine simple ways to rebuild your savings, how to salt away a nest egg for your long-term future and how to ensure a worthwhile pension.
Salt away pounds 50 a month over 25 years and you'll benefit from returns of around 12 per cent.
You need to build up your own pension for your retirement, take out worthwhile insurance to protect yourself and your family against mishap, and salt away a rainy day savings nestegg large enough to meet any major emergencies.
ISAs allow you to salt away up to pounds 7,000 in their first year and pounds 5,000 a year after that.