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snake oil salesman

Someone who sells, promotes, or is a general proponent of some valueless or fraudulent cure, remedy, or solution. (Can also be formed as "saleswoman" or "salesperson.") I find it hard to believe anyone would fall for those snake oil salesmen on TV selling holistic medicines and therapies. A lot of people have been swayed by the presidential candidate's plan for economic growth, but if you ask me, she sounds like a snake oil saleswoman.
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no salesman will call

An assurance that, after an inquiry has been made about the price of something, no one will make direct contact to follow up and try to secure a sale. Our agents are always ready to give you a quotation on the insurance policy that is right for you. If you decide afterward that now isn't the right time, no salesmen will call, so there's absolutely no pressure to sign up.
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no salesman will call

a phrase indicating that no salesman will visit or contact you if you make an inquiry about a product. All inquiries are confidential and no salesman will call.
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However, the salesman did not show up in court to enter a plea against the criminal threat charge.
Flashing his wallet with an ID, the Iranian claimed to be an inspector and asked the Indian salesman to show him the store's trade license.
The salesman called the maid repeatedly but she did not answer his call until she heard her sponsor's dog barking loudly.
Iranian director Farhadi's The Salesman won the 2017 Academy Award for best foreign-language film.
However, the salesman denies charges of theft and forgery and the trial has been adjourned until later this month.
Reluctantly, the new salesman moved closer and closer to the edge of the roof.
The pensioner said that he told him "No thank you" and the door was closed but he said the salesman banged on the door again.
The brother-in-law of the salesman gave evidence during yesterday's hearing.
The salesman, once friendly and accommodating, was quick to tell Gordon just what he thought about his aggressive driving prank.
A year later, having impressed managing director Robin Appleyard, he was made junior salesman.
The 86-year-old victim had her purse stolen when she purchased household goods from a door to door salesman on June 26.
A CAR salesman is earning his crust from a customer who seals each deal with a sandwich.
CHAKWAL, July 05, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Two unknown armed persons looted salesman of Telenor company near village Mureed at Chakwal-Talagang road and the accused also inflicted pistol wounds to one of the salesman.
Now real-life salesman Alex Wilson is taking on the leading role in the Arthur Miller classic Death Of A Salesman.
Co-produced by Will Ferrell, and starring award-winning actors Jeremy Piven and Ving Rhames, The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard tells the story of hard-living car salesman and his outrageous team as they are hired to save a failing smalltown dealership.