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je ne sais quoi

A positive or pleasant quality that is difficult to define. This French phrase translates to "I don't know what" in English. She had a certain je ne sais quoi that men found quite attractive.
See also: Je, Ne, quoi, sais

a je ne sais quoi

a pleasant quality which you cannot describe or name He's not particularly attractive but he has a certain je ne sais quoi which women find irresistible.
See also: Je, Ne, quoi, sais
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The characteristics of the faunal assemblage and the relative importance of different food procurement activities at Sais are well highlighted through comparisons with those at other contemporary sites in Egypt.
The Auditor General of Pakistan congratulated the SAI Vietnam on their selection as host of 14th ASOSAI Assembly in 2018.
12) O uso de sais de terras-raras como agente inibidor de processos de corrosao de aluminio, podem ser encontrados na literatura acos inoxidaveis e ligas de aluminio, onde o enfoque principal e atuacao do ion cerio no processo de inibicao.
Je ne sais quoi' is French, meaning an attribute that is difficult to describe.
SAIS was founded in 1943 to prepare students to assume major responsibility in the postwar world.
The delegates to this meeting got a glimpse of the capacity building potential of Comptroller and Auditor General of India through a presentation on its training infrastructure and the various capacity building projects executed bilaterally by SAI India in developing SAIs.
Addressing the opening session of the meeting, Dr Harib Al Amimi, the president of the UAE SAI and chairman of the meeting, said: "This meeting integrates the efforts made over the past 30 decades to standardised the SAIs work systems, strengthen cooperation and coordination in audit systems and enhance audit work level in the GCC countries in line with the strategic objectives of the Supreme Council to achieve the intended standardisation.
Ro'n i wir isio i Jon Bull y Sais o Lundain a Gwalia, y ferch ddiniwed o gefn gwlad Cymru briodi a byw'n hapus am byth.
Writing for Europaische Rundschau, Schrameyer sais that in Bulgaria almost no one has interest in rethinking the heritage of the communist regime and its abuses and crimes.
Based at the SAIS South Asia Studies Programme, Jawad most recently served concurrently for seven years as the Afghan ambassador to the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.
And while nothing will ever recapture the certain je ne sais quoi he had on Going Live
Summary: ALGIERS -- More than two thirds the Energy risk of the national group Sonatrach is covered by international insurance companies, the rest being covered by a consortium of four Algerian insurers, said Monday from the Chairman and CEO of the Insurance Company of hydrocarbons (Cash), Nacer Sais.
lt;p>Persons needing medical attention will be allowed to enter Israel, and humanitarian aid, as well as doctors, NGO workers and lawyers will can enter the West Bank, the Israeli daily Haaretz sais.
He sais d: "This picture used to hang in the works until its closure.
Os tratamentos realizados na etapa de curtimento foram: T1 = 6% sais de cromo Chromossal B[R] (T1 = Cromo); T2 = 22% tanino vegetal Clarotan-x8[R] + 0,5% de Lipodermilcker LB-CT[R] (T2 = Clarotan x8); T3 = 22% tanino sintetico Syntac CW[R] + 0,5% de Lipodermilcker LB-CT[R] (T3 = Syntac CW); T4 = 12% tanino vegetal Weibull[R] + 10% tanino sintetico Syntac F[R] + 0,5% de Lipodermilcker LB-CT[R] (T4 = Syntac F e Weibull); T5 = 22% tanino vegetal Weibull[R] + 0,5% de Lipodermilcker LB-CT[R] (T5 = Weibull).