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enough something to plague a saint

 and something is enough to plague a saint
Rur. enough of something to annoy even a patient person. That little boy has enough curiosity to plague a saint! Sally's a well-meaning woman, but her endless gossiping is enough to plague a saint.
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have the patience of a saint

 and have the patience of Job
Fig. to have a great deal of patience. Steve has the patience of Job given the way his wife nags him. Dear Martha has the patience of a saint; she raised six children by herself.
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the patience of Job/a saint

a lot of patience
Usage notes: Job was a character in the bible who still trusted God even though a lot of bad things happened to him.
You need the patience of a saint to be a teacher.
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Back in the late 1960s the church cleaned its overly sainted house quite thoroughly.
It made me wonder how many popes have been sainted by the church.
Of the first 48 popes, all but one are officially sainted (Liberius, who served as pope from 352 to 366 never made sainthood, but that's another story).
We may think that parents must have been so proud of their sainted children to see them being so holy.
I'm glad not to have to shoulder the plethora of responsibilities our sainted friend does whose feast we celebrate every March 19.
These days extol the dead, the sainted dead, and our concern for and relationship with the dead.