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sag off

To absent oneself or leave early from school or work when one would normally be required to be there; to play truant. Primarily heard in UK. I was so restless and bored at work that I decided to just sag off after lunch without telling anyone. Hey, Jim and I are planning on sagging off from school on Friday, do you want to come with us? That's the last time you sag off class, mister! From now on, I'm dropping you off to school every morning!
See also: off, sag

sag away (from something)

to settle or droop down or away. The cloth sagged away from the edge of the table.
See also: away, sag

sag down

to droop downward. The branch sagged down and nearly touched the ground. When the rain got the drapes wet, they sagged down and touched the floor.
See also: down, sag

sag under something

to droop under the burden of something. The porch roof sagged under the weight of the snow. The springs of the car sagged under the weight of all the passengers.
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Trikuspit anulusun sistolde apikale yer degistirmesi; Sag ventrikul sistolik fonksiyonunu degerlendirmede trikuspit kapak anuler planin apekse dogru sistolik hareketi (TAPSE) ve trikuspit anulusun longitudinal hizi (Sta) kullanilabilecek parametrelerdir.
Because voltage sags are so short in duration, power reliability technologies like generators, high-speed switchgear and standby uninterruptible power supplies are not fast enough to respond to sags and prevent downtime.
The first new rule states that, in order for a program to be labeled SAG compliant, the actors must respect U.
A flourishing African-American colony of about 500 summer residents play in Sag Harbor Hills, Azurest, Ninevah Beach, Chatfield Hills and Hillcrest Terrace.
2 mm maximum sag after an exposure at 121 [degrees] C (250 [degrees] F), only filled HP-PU/urea and polyurea RIM polymers meet this requirement at 135 [degrees] C (275 [degrees] F).
We included SAG in the lawsuit because it was Syngenta's Swiss-based management that made the important decisions that ultimately injured our clients," Tillery said.
Simon Spalinger, SAG Founder added, Our businesses are extremely complementary.
The two had bargained together for nearly three decades, but AFTRA decided to go its own way earlier this year after long-simmering tensions with SAG reached a boiling point.
Although various rheology control agents (RCAs) are well known to automotive coatings formulators, achieving the required balance of ease of incorporation, sag resistance, leveling, and stability that the auto-motive industry demands remains a challenge.
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SAG President Alan Rosenberg said an "important victory" was achieved because the guild stood together as a united group of actors during negotiations with major producers including Walt Disney Pictures and Television, Warner Bros.
The amount of sag in your track lolls you when to adjust.
Desiderio noted that with the exception of Sag Harbor, where seven fewer sales were recorded, every other market surveyed by Cook Pony.
SAG chief technologist, Andy Joss said that the latest version of EntireX formed one of three cornerstones of the vendor's new e-commerce strategy.