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The MMA68xxQ digital inertial sensor family is designed as a main crash sensor or a safing sensor in airbag applications.
In my mind, I began to realize I had a partially or fully armed fuze on my pad, and I quickly snatched the safing pin away from the young Airman and told him to evacuate as well.
IIG manufactures Thermo-12 Gold calcium silicate pipe and block insulation, Super Firetemp fireproofing board, Sproule WR-1200 perlite pipe and block insulation, MinWool 1200 and MPT mineral fiber pipe and board insulation, MinWool commercial sound attenuation batts, safing and curtainwall insulations, and a variety of associated accessory products.
When you are sliding a HARM off of a rail, you have to install a forward track safing pin.
The GMLRS guidance set consists of the Litton LN-200G fiber-optic inertial guidance system and Alliant Techsystem's GPS sensor, electronics safing and arming device, and power converter.
SafingPaks are precut pieces of the UL and Intertek (OPL) listed/tested Safing Insulation, packaged in a unique bag that offers a resealable opening and an easy-grip handle.
The practice bomb had its MK4 Mod 3 spotting charge installed, but no plunger or safing gear installed yet.
After safing the aircraft, A1C Wilkerson assisted the pilot in safely egressing from the disabled jet.
Christian immediately reported the situation to his expediter and assisted with the safing and downloading of the defective CATM and subsequent uploading of a serviceable CATM.