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Thank Heaven, you are safe again; that alone removes the weight of a world from my spirit
Sabin said, "to try and make every corner of the earth safe.
The first clause provided for the safe keeping and support of his animals.
Here I am, with the Diamond safe and sound-- and what is the first news that meets me?
Your father put it in the safe keeping of a bank in London.
If you accept the service I tender, Miss Haredale, she shall be instantly placed in safe conduct, and that promise redeemed.
The outer room through which they had to pass, was full of men; among them, Mr Dennis in safe keeping; and there, had been since yesterday, lying in hiding behind a wooden screen which was now thrown down, Simon Tappertit, the recreant 'prentice, burnt and bruised, and with a gun-shot wound in his body; and his legs--his perfect legs, the pride and glory of his life, the comfort of his existence--crushed into shapeless ugliness.
A coach was ready at the door, and Dolly found herself safe and whole inside, between her father and mother, with Emma Haredale and her uncle, quite real, sitting opposite.
That sum of money, young Tom locked in his safe, not a very strong safe, but that's no matter now.
said the exasperated Bounderby, 'while he was snoring, or choking, or Dutch-clocking, or something or other - being asleep - some fellows, somehow, whether previously concealed in the house or not remains to be seen, got to young Tom's safe, forced it, and abstracted the contents.
We are quite safe now, and have nothing to fear indeed, dear grandfather,' she said.
Then how,' said the old man, looking fearfully round, 'how can you bear to think that we are safe, when they are searching for me everywhere, and may come here, and steal upon us, even while we're talking?
NEW YORK, April 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- About Safes and Vaults Safes and vaults provide security from threats such as fire and burglary.
The crackers are baked into cubes that look like little safes.
While the sale of many firearms and related products is on the slow side, safes are selling extremely well with profit margins in the 30 to 40 percent range.