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Promoting a safer online environment: the Safer Internet Programme aims to bring stakeholders together to find ways of promoting a safer online environment.
SAFER SUN SPF 30 Sun Lotion 75 ml and SAFER SUN SPF 30 Coloured Sun Spray 75 ml both featuring Bart.
HELP ON HOME PATCH: From left, Rose Mills; Alan Routledge, of Safer Families Gateshead; Bill MacLeod, PwC; Claire Thew, Safer Families Gateshead; and Caroline Parsons, PwC.
The Safer Cities Initiative also is being applied in Hollywood, Baldwin Village and MacArthur Park and details on a Skid Row operation are scheduled for release on Sunday.
It seems even the federal government has determined that cast-in-place reinforced concrete--framed office buildings are indeed safer and stronger than those constructed using a steel frame," Gerosa says, adding that "when it comes to safety, especially for a high-rise office tower and its occupants, there is nothing like cast-in-place reinforced concrete.
You are a scientist, and your lab just invented the SAFER barrier.
Nicola Welsh, 30, care worker, North Shields: I've noticed more police on the beat in North Shields so I feel a bit safer.
The basis of this enhancement is a data acquisition system that provides interaction between RAE Systems' AreaRAE networks and SAFER products.
Safer Shopping plans to run a zero-tolerance system which will see all member sites regularly monitored to ensure that they continue to comply with the requirements of the scheme If they fail to do so they will no longer be authorised to display the logo.
Committee for Children puts its energy into the longer view, [such as] what it takes to make schools safer, what is applicable to help children deal with anger management, conflict resolution.
According to Gina McCarthy, administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), "The name says it all: Safer Choice products are safer for you, your kids, your pets and the environment.
Twin-Star International, manufacturer of a wide range of home products and furnishings, aims to reduce the number of electrical fires in the home with its simple, innovative new Safer Socket .
HUNDREDS of people in the Vale of Glamorgan have given their views on crime and safety issues as part of a drive by the Safer Vale Partnership.
The warning, from the Safer Sandwell Partnership's Burglary Task Group, came after raiders struck a home where a family went on holiday leaving a patio door open for the cat.