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When I get safely hid away I'll see to it that the British gover'ment learns about where ye be; for the life of me I couldn't tell 'em exactly where, for I don't know myself.
She rested safely now upon an even keel; nor did she leak, for she was well calked with fiber and tarry pitch.
At last we were safely launched upon the journey to which we had looked forward for so long, and the results of which meant so much to me.
A tumble into the street, apparently," answered Polly as she slipped a little on the step, and Tom stopped in the middle of his laugh to pilot her safely into the carriage, where Fanny was already seated.
As soon as she was safely out of earshot, Miss Cornelia bent forward and said in a conspirator's whisper:
No man would keep his hands off what was not his own when he could safely take what he liked out of the market, or go into houses and lie with any one at his pleasure, or kill or release from prison whom he would, and in all respects be like a God among men.
The company, who were sitting in a room next the garden, were instantly alarmed, and came all forth; but just as they reached the canal, Tom (for the water was luckily pretty shallow in that part) arrived safely on shore.
I do not think that Saxe Leinitzer had any desire except to see you safely away.
Safely includes: Safely Locate, a mobile location service available via AT&T FamilyMap, Sprint Family Locator and T-Mobile FamilyWhere; Safely Drive, the only carrier-grade, patent-pending safe-driving service on the market, available via Sprint DriveFirst and T-Mobile DriveSmart Plus; Safely Phone Controls, the most advanced mobile phone remote control and usage analytics service, available via Sprint Mobile Controls; and Safely Social Monitor, an online service that helps parents stay informed about kids' social network activities.
July 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- I DRIVE SAFELY, the nation's leading online provider of driver education training, is calling on all teen drivers who have received traffic tickets or had an accident to share their stories with other young adults by entering its Teen Essay Contest called: "My First Traffic Ticket/Accident and What I Learned.
Apr: 10-13: Training for human service providers and other professionals to safely manage disruptive and assaultive behaviour using CPI's Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training program to help maintain safe and respectful work environments.
The pilot of a single-engine plane that stalled high above Santa Clarita on Monday safely landed on a stretch of southbound Interstate 5, squeezing beneath an overpass, and taxied on the shoulder amid lunch-hour traffic.
On 13 January the pilot of an AV-8B ejected safely but the aircraft was lost while operating with HMM-165 aboard Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6) in the Indian Ocean.
In order for data to be transferred successfully across the ESCON/SAN border, there must be a working network connection and there must be some way to store it safely and then locate it after the transfer is finished.
Instead of manipulating the aircraft's rudder, ailerons, and elevators to land as they normally do, pilots with disabled hydraulic controls would rely on engines to land safely.