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At last we were safely launched upon the journey to which we had looked forward for so long, and the results of which meant so much to me.
As soon as she was safely out of earshot, Miss Cornelia bent forward and said in a conspirator's whisper:
To one of these the hekkador of the Holy Therns had no difficulty in approaching, and by its means the party was safely lowered to the ground.
As he spoke I had been wondering just how much I might safely tell this man of the mission which brought me to his land, but his next words anticipated the broaching of the subject on my part, and rendered me thankful that I had not spoken too soon.
The Celebrate Safely campaign is asking people to help keep themselves, their friends and family and their homes and valuables safe over the festive period.
Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) Pool Safely campaign is proud to welcome the National Apartment Association to its growing list of partners.
You need not move to live gracefully and safely as you age.
IOSH Working Safely 200, IOSH Managing Safely 25, NEBOSH Certificate 25, NEBOSH Diploma 10.
Gujarat, Muharram 5, 1435, Nov 8, 2013, SPA -- A Mig-29 fighter of the Indian Air Force Friday crashed near Jamnagar in the western Indian state of Gujarat, with the pilot ejecting safely.
MIANWALI -- A training aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force crashed on the outskirts of Mianwali town of Punjab, with the pilot ejecting safely on Thursday.
Mobile family security software company Safely, a division of Location Labs, announced on Wednesday that it has released a new digital parenting service product called Safely Phone Controls on Android, which provides parents with personalised awareness of how mobile devices are being used by their children and enabling regulation of that use.
com)-- Meet Safely On-Line proudly announces the launch of their website scheduled for Friday, October 1, 2010.
K Dinning/K Hillary from Newcastle had a nice bag of six for 19lb, all taken on Kate McLarens while Rob Graham/Richard Adams, fishing Buzzers and Muddlers, safely returned seven.
The DARPA Urban Challenge will feature autonomous ground vehicles executing simulated military supply missions safely and effectively in a mock urban area.
4-7: Training for human service providers and other professionals to safely manage disruptive and assaultive behaviour using CPI's Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training program to help maintain safe and respectful work environments.