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Market Analysis III-38 Current & Future Analysis III-38 Overview of Select Markets III-38 Hong Kong III-38 India III-38 Digital Safes Take Over "Conventional Tijoris" III-38 Malaysia III-38 Taiwan III-39 Product Launches III-39 Select Players III-39 Bumil Safe Mfg Co.
But to hear some home-security experts talk, safe rooms are becoming so darn affordable, they're moving into middle-class suburbs and are now being installed in average $250,000 single-family homes.
Instead of being a legislative enactment by Congress, Safe Harbor was established as a voluntary program administered by the Department of Commerce.
We believe that safe harbors are an efficient means of reducing transfer pricing controversies in the courts and in competent authority proceedings.
Such a distinction was drawn in the language of a proposed safe harbor draft addressing physician recruitment that was informally released by the OIG to the health care industry several years ago.
Currently, people using SAFE digital signatures must have their individual identity credentials stored on a token, smart card or software credentials in a desktop computer.
PRODUCT OVERVIEW II-25 Safes & Alarm Systems II-25 Types of Direct Safes II-25 Fire and Document Safes II-25 Media and Data Safes II-25 Depository (drop) Safes II-26 Gun Safes and Cabinets II-26 Home Safes II-26 Jewelry Safes II-26 Other Types of Safes II-26 Vault Management Systems II-26 Automatic Safe Dialer II-26 Portable Units II-27 Controlled Environment Vault (CEV) II-27 Safes for Hotel Rooms II-28 Modular Vaults II-28 Specialized Vaults II-28 Portable Safe II-28 Limitations in the Usage of Safes & Vaults II-29 4.
The city issues permits allowing nonprofit community groups to sell ``safe and sane'' fireworks - ones that do not explode, dart or travel, and carry the California state fire marshal's safe and sane seal - from noon today to noon Monday.
It involves compliance with an administrative scrutiny requirement of either the statutory safe-harbor test or one of five administrative safe harbors.
Perhaps the greatest attention has focused on the safe harbor for investment interests, expected to immunize from liability certain health care joint ventures that have proliferated in recent years.
The video, "The SAFE Standard: Streamlining Pharmaceutical Business and Regulatory Processes," explains how the SAFE standard is integral to reducing the costly and burdensome reliance on paper documents within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
PRODUCT OVERVIEW II-4Safes & Alarm Systems II-4Types of Direct Safes II-4Fire and Document Safes II-4Media and Data Safes II-4Depository (drop) Safes II-5Gun Safes and Cabinets II-5Home Safes II-5Jewelry Safes II-5Other Types of Safes II-5Vault Management Systems II-5Automatic Safe Dialer II-6Portable Units II-6Controlled Environment Vault (CEV) II-6Safes for Hotel Rooms II-7Modular Vaults II-7Specialized Vaults II-7Portable Safe II-8Limitations in the Usage of Safes & Vaults II-8
Uploading a photo of you and your Mom to Safe Step's Facebook page
They look like firecrackers but they're safe to eat & play with.
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