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a sad state (of affairs)

A particularly unfortunate, unpleasant, and/or upsetting situation or set of circumstances. Their company has been in a sad state after Jonathan took over. It's a sad state of affairs when you can no longer be sure how you're going to feed your children each night.
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too (something) for words

So extremely (something) that it cannot be described in words. Marie, you are too kind for words. How can I ever thank you?
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sadder but wiser

Knowledgeable or experienced after having gone through something unpleasant or unfortunate. We came through the economic disaster sadder but wiser, hopefully better prepared for such disasters in the future. I left the dinner sadder but wiser, understanding just how entrenched her family's bigotry still is.
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disappointed at someone or something

 and disappointed in someone or something
becoming sad because of someone or something. I am really disappointed at what you did. I am very disappointed in you. That was a terrible thing to do. They were disappointed in the outcome.
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It is a poor heart that never rejoices.

 and It is a sad heart that never rejoices.
Prov. Even a habitually sad person cannot be sad all the time. (Sometimes used to indicate that a habitually sad person is happy about something.) Jill: I've never seen Sam smile before, but today, at his retirement party, he smiled. Jane: It is a poor heart that never rejoices.
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sadder but wiser

Cliché unhappy but knowledgeable [about someone or something--after an unpleasant event]. After the accident, I was sadder but wiser, and would never make the same mistake again. We left the meeting sadder but wiser, knowing that we could not ever come to an agreement with Becky's aunt.
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sorry sight

 and sad sight
a sight that one regrets seeing; someone or something that is unpleasant to look at. Well, aren't you a sorry sight! Go get cleaned up and put on some fresh clothes.
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sadder but wiser

Unhappy but having learned from one's mistakes, as in Sadder but wiser, she's never going near poison ivy again. The pairing of these two adjectives was first recorded in Samuel Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (1798).
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sad sack

A singularly inept person, as in Poor George is a hopeless sad sack. This term alludes to a cartoon character, Sad Sack, invented by George Baker in 1942 and representing a soldier in ill-fitting uniform who failed at whatever he tried to do. It was soon transferred to clumsily inept civilians.
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sad sack

an inept blundering person. informal, chiefly US
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a sad, poor, etc. reflection on something

a thing which damages somebody’s/something’s reputation: The increase in crime is a sad reflection on our society today.
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too funny, sad, etc. for ˈwords

extremely funny, sad, etc: The man in the post office was too stupid for words.
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mod. poor; undesirable. This steak is really sad.

sad sack

n. a sad person; a listless or depressed person. Tom always looks like such a sad sack.
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Dorothy will be very sadly missed by all her family and friends, would friends please meet for Service and Cremation at Mountsett Crematorium, Dipton on Tuesday 16th May at 11:00am, family flowers only please, a retiring collection will take place after the Service in aid of St Oswald's Hospice and the Great North Air Ambulance.
Sadly business has gone so bad that the shop will be vacated next year.
Beloved Mum, Nan, Great Grandma and Sister, who will be sadly missed by all.
FRANKLAND Betty Betty, dear sister, you will be sadly missed by all our family and always in our thoughts.
No doubt the May elections will sadly again showa very poor poll result.
WILLIAMS John James Sadly passed away suddenly on 4th January aged 68 years.
Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day Sadly missed.
In loving memory of Joan who sadly passed away on 14th June 2011.
Sadly missed but always remembered by daughter Sheila, sons Ronald and the late George, daughterinlaw Edith, grandchildren Morag, Stephen, Angela, Claire, Andrea and all great grandchildren.
FREEMAN Spencer A much loved cousin who will be sadly missed.
Forever in our thoughts and still sadly missed so much by Elsie, Joan, daughter Linda and niece Debbie.
Too sadly missed to be forgotten Mam, brothers, sisters and families.
Sadly, the baby was pulseless and not breathing and sadly beyond our help,'' said Brian Humphrey, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department.
COOPER Michael Roy Sadly passed away on October 14th 2015 aged 78 years.