sacrifice for

sacrifice (someone or something) for (someone or something else)

1. To give up, relinquish, or surrender someone or something in order to obtain someone or something, benefit someone or something, or achieve some purpose. I had to sacrifice my favorite three baseball cards to get my hands on the ultra-rare Mickey Mantle card Tom was carrying. He sacrificed a lot of opportunities for you, and this is how you repay him? I don't mind sacrificing a weekend for a chance to win a million dollars on TV.
2. To permit harm, death, destruction, or failure to someone or something in order to obtain something or for some purpose. Their government is clearly willing to sacrifice its citizens for this foolish war. Sarah sacrificed a lot of friendships and relationships for her place at the head of the company.
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sacrifice someone or something for someone or something

to forfeit someone or something for the sake of someone or something. Surely you won't sacrifice your dear wife for a silly twit like Francine! Would you sacrifice your bank account for a chance to go to Europe?
See also: sacrifice
References in classic literature ?
But the countess did not want the question put like that: she did not want a sacrifice from her son, she herself wished to make a sacrifice for him.
The Day, he said, represents a new day in our history to show appreciation of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives and all that is precious for their country and showed that nothing is more precious than the nation, a day that represent the Martyrs' sacrifice for the sake of their future and the hope for the country to be the most beautiful homeland.
The Prime Minister said there was a need to recall that lesson of oneness and sacrifice, which Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) gave; to think over how to unite this nation and could sacrifice for the national objectives.
The statement added that in future too ANP would not hesitate from any sacrifice for the cause of nation and motherland.
Joseph Hayyun explains that Ezekiel does not mention the daily evening sacrifice for the sake of brevity.
Kalavati's neighbour Ramdhani Yadav (33) and his brother Gulab (28), were also visiting the tantrik and were advised by him to perform a human sacrifice for health, wealth and prosperity.
For an employer with 5000 workers on an average wage of Au25,000, using salary sacrifice for auto enrolment could save the employer over Au500,000 per year.
How is Christ's sacrifice for sin to be understood?
Dysfunctional values married to catastrophic leadership have led us to the place you go when you are made to believe that solution is sacrifice and that sacrifice for a just cause is not noble but, rather, out of the question.
low severity) conflicts, committed individuals indeed report greater willingness to sacrifice for severe transgressions than non-committed individuals (Powell & Van Vugt, 2003).
The making of a small sacrifice for a larger gain, is a common tactic of chess masters.
On this day each year, we are meant to remember how Jesus gave Himself as a sacrifice for the sins of all mankind.
The sins of hatred, misunderstanding, and violence killed him, but by enduring the destruction of his body he gave indestructible hope to all who suffer and who sacrifice for others, and forgiveness to those who inflict suffering or refuse to live generously.
Hosted again this year by noted actor and decorated veteran Ossie Davis, the May 26 concert will feature musical performances, archival footage, and dramatic readings to salute those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and who endured the tragedies of war.