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sacred cow

Fig. something that is regarded by some people with such respect and veneration that they do not like it being criticized by anyone in any way. (From the fact that the cow is regarded as sacred in India and is not eaten or mistreated.) A university education is a sacred cow in the Smith family. Fred is regarded as a failure because he quit school at 16. Don't talk about eating meat to Pam. Vegetarianism is one of her sacred cows.
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a sacred cow

a belief or system that is treated with much respect and is not usually criticized The British legal system remains a sacred cow, despite increasing evidence that serious mistakes have been made.
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sacred cow

A person or thing immune to criticism or questioning, as in The rules governing the press conference have become a sacred cow in this administration. This term alludes to the honored status of cows in Hinduism, where they are a symbol of God's generosity to humankind. It has been used figuratively since about 1900.
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magic mushrooms

and sacred mushrooms
n. mushrooms of the genus Psilocybe, which cause visions or hallucinations when eaten. (Drugs.) Magic mushrooms are okay because they are natural, or something like that. They sometimes call peyote cactus buds, the “sacred mushrooms.”
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sacred mushrooms

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sacred cow

Above criticism. Hindus regard bovines as revered creatures, not to be mistreated in any way. The English-speaking world began to apply this religious practice in the mid-19th century to any person or project (often political in nature) that, like Caesar's wife, should not be faulted.
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On the contrary, the Moors reverence cats as something sacred.
27-47) They sing of the blessed gods and high Olympus and choose to tell of such an one as luck-bringing Hermes above the rest, how he is the swift messenger of all the gods, and how he came to Arcadia, the land of many springs and mother of flocks, there where his sacred place is as god fo Cyllene.
He sits to rest on a rock just within a sacred grove of the Furies and is bidden depart by a passing native.
Preserved by three Brahmins, the inviolate deity, bearing the Yellow Diamond in its forehead, was removed by night, and was transported to the second of the sacred cities of India-- the city of Benares.
The deity predicted certain disaster to the presumptuous mortal who laid hands on the sacred gem, and to all of his house and name who received it after him.
The shrine of the four-handed god was polluted by the slaughter of sacred animals; the images of the deities were broken in pieces; and the Moonstone was seized by an officer of rank in the army of Aurungzebe.
carrying its curse with it) from one lawless Mohammedan hand to another; and still, through all chances and changes, the successors of the three guardian priests kept their watch, waiting the day when the will of Vishnu the Preserver should restore to them their sacred gem.
I crossed once more the low stone stile, and bared my head as I touched the sacred ground.
Even Daniel Bell who asks about a "return of the sacred," acknowledges that modernity seriously delimited the traditional public sphere of religion (Ibid, 337).
He won the students' hearts through his generosity, and they in turn won his," said Sacred Heart's principal, Sister Jeanne Marie Ross CSJ.
The scientific, evolutionary picture that so powerfully states our kinship with the rest of the natural world, together with an understanding of our personal lives as dancing with the sacred, opens for Peters a hopeful way of dealing successfully with the crises we are facing, especially the ecological crisis.
Sacred Heart University, located in Fairfield, CT, is a co-educational, independent, comprehensive institution of higher learning in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.
They were especially concerned, he argues, with three great themes, which recalled questions that also troubled many aristocratic and bourgeois intellectuals: "the nature and place of the self, the promise and pain of modernity, and the qualities of the sacred in both their lives and their imaginations" (282).
After a lesson in Cambodian land-mine detection, Ripper shifts focus to Bosnia where he visits a married couple who are artists and who kept right on making art through the worst days of the siege of Sarajevo (the sacred in the scared, see?
United States Forest Service that the logging company failed to show how its First Amendment rights had been subverted by the Forest Service's management of Medicine Wheel, which is a stone circle sacred to several Native American tribes located on Medicine Mountain in the national forest in north central Wyoming.