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get in(to) a rut

To become seemingly trapped or stuck in a mundane, non-changing pattern of life, work, and/or personal behavior. I had so many ambitions when I first graduated from college, but now I feel like I've gotten into a rut. We're getting in a rut—let's move abroad for the summer and shake things up!
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*in a rut

Fig. in a type of boring habitual behavior. (As when the wheels of a buggy travel in the ruts worn into the ground by other buggies making it easiest to go exactly the way all the other buggies have gone before. *Typically: be ~; get ~.) My life has gotten into a rut. I try not to get into a rut.
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(stuck) in a rut

Fig. kept in an established way of living or working that never changes. David felt like he was stuck in a rut, so he went back to school. Anne was tired of being in a rut, so she moved to Los Angeles.
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be (stuck) in a rut

to do the same things all the time so that you become bored, or to be in a situation where it is impossible to make progress At forty my life was in a rut, so I gave up work and travelled to India. It's clear the economy is still stuck in a rut.
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in a rut

In a settled or established habit or course of action, especially a boring one. For example, We go to the seashore every summer-we're in a rut, or After ten years at the same job she says she's in a rut. This expression alludes to having a wheel stuck in a groove in the road. [Early 1800s]
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The following is my strategy for hunting the rut based on when the overhead and underfoot moon times occur, and the locations I'm hunting.
While the rut might not immediately bring Booners to your tree stand, it will without question bring out plenty of hunters.
I don't think shooting does during the rut is a negative," he said.
Solowczuk (2011) presents the findings of the impact of rut depth on 85% of speed quantile, [v.
However, for the pavements with the ruts of about 35 mm in depth the differences in the speed distributions are noticeable and are significant for the rut depth of about 50 mm (Fig.
And once this year's trees are safely protected from rutting with vinyl rut guards or deer fencing, homeowners shouldn't rest too easily.
One of my most memorable experiences in witnessing the rut was in Glen Esk in Angus several years ago, when after careful stalking, I managed to get close to a harem of deer.
Each rut pair possesses a constant gauge (distance apart) of c.
To validate our practice of reading the RUT immediately after endoscopy (RU[T.
Those thoughts are actually on the right track, if you'll keep rolling with where they lead instead of digging a hopeless rut.
And the rut has gotten so deep that it is difficult for these people to see what's going on outside of it.
Hierdie is die verhale van twee bekende vroue uit die Bybel: Naomi, skoonma van die Moabitiese Rut wat die God van Israel as haar eie aanneem, en Batseba, die vrou van Urija wat owerspel pleeg met koning Dawid van Israel 'n Mens lees in die Bybel meer van Naomi as van Batseba, maar in hierdie twee novelles word albei vroue mense van vlees en bloed, wat dink en droom en doen.
Many Geordies feel stuck in a rut, according to a survey by the Learning and Skills Council.
The samples were immediately transferred into plastic molds used for rut testing in the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer (APA).