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It is better to wear out than to rust out.

Prov. It is better to work until you die than to be idle just because you are old. Nancy: Grandma, you shouldn't work so hard. You're not young anymore, you know. Grandmother: Thanks for your concern, dear, but I plan to keep working. It's better to wear out than to rust out. Bill: You really ought to relax. I'm afraid you'll kill yourself with too much work. Nancy: So what? It's better to wear out than to rust out.
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rust away

to dissolve away into rust. In a few years, this car will rust away if you don't take care of it. The bridge is rusting away, little by little.
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rust belt

Fig. the industrial north of the United States. (Patterned on sun belt.) The economy in the rust belt is slowing down. The salt they put on the roads in the winter made my car all rusty. I guess that's why they call this area the rust belt.
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rust out

to develop holes or weak places owing to rust. Our hot water heater rusted out and flooded the basement.
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rust up

1. To become thoroughly corroded: The walls of the old ship had rusted up.
2. To become immobile or stuck due to corrosion: The bolts have rusted up; I can't remove them.
3. To cause something to be thoroughly corroded: Don't use these chemicals; they will rust up the tank. Exposure to salt rusted the fender up.
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rust belt

n. the industrial north of the U.S. (Patterned on sun belt.) The salt they put on the roads in the winter made my car all rusty. I guess that’s why they call this area the rust belt.
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rust bucket

n. a naval destroyer; any ship. (Military.) Why don’t I ever get assigned to a new ship? It’s always some crummy rust bucket!
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He is also pursuing studies of the rusts of native North American prairie grasses.
Roelfs is retired from the USDA-ARS Cereal Rust Laboratory, after 32 years with the U.
Data recording of leaf and yellow rust: Rusts data were recorded at 10 days interval.
This is very important combination, as it provides protection against all three types of rusts (LR, YR and SR), while 15 genotypes including V-11203, V11212, V-11218, V-11223, V-11245, V-11248, V-11250, V-11262, V-11267, V-11289, V-11321, V-11232, V-11338, V-11365 and V-11359 showed the combination of Sr2/Yr30 and Lr34/Yr18.
The most ef ficient and economical management of wheat rusts is the generation of rust resistant varieties and their on-farm cultivation (Chaudhary et al.
Department of Agriculture and similar agencies in the rest of North and South America decided to formally collaborate in tackling wheat rusts.
ARS, KARI, CIMMYT, and other organizations partner with the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative, an international effort to speed the development and delivery of new rust- and Ug99-resistant cultivars to affected small-grains farmers.
Her discoveries about the nature of wheat rust fungus ended the serious threat to the Canadian economy of this disease, which caused losses of millions of dollars to Canadian farmers every year.
Acoustic emission (AE) technology cannot monitor the wall reduction, but can estimate the corrosion zone, if we can detect AE signals from rust fracture.
Several studies have examined the effects of rust fungi on switchgrass.
In developed countries the use of chemicals is common for controlling rusts but it is unaffordable by the poor farmers of Africa, Asia and other developing countries.
Pathogens like the African stem rust fungus threatening wheat and barley worldwide can't survive Minnesota or Canadian winters, but microbes in Texas and the South and Mexico can survive and then spread by wind or other means back to Minnesota during the warm season when spring wheat is growing.
We also want to support efforts in those countries to breed wheat varieties that will resist Ug99 and other rusts.
Rust Material Prediction Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Staples Metal paper clip Brass screw Steel screw Stainless- steel spoon Penny
Oxygen molecules in the air react with iron molecules in the fender to produce rust, a type of corrosion.