rustle up

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rustle (something) up

1. Of food, to prepare quickly or with minimal effort. I was going to rustle up some lunch—would you like me to fix you anything?
2. To gather or collect. See if you can rustle up enough people to play a quick game of two-on-two basketball.
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rustle something up

Rur. to manage to prepare a meal, perhaps on short notice. I think I can rustle something up for dinner. Please rustle up something to eat.
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rustle up

Get together food or some other needed item with some effort, as in I don't know what we have but I'll rustle up a meal somehow, or You boys need to rustle up some wood for a campfire. The verb rustle here means "to assemble in a hurry." [Late 1800s]
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rustle up

To gather something or some people together, especially energetically or quickly: Go rustle up the kids and let's go for a drive. I went to the kitchen to rustle some dinner up.
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LOCAL GOODIES Rustle up a treat SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION The staff at Blagdon Farm Shop have everything you could need to make your mum's Mother's Day a memorable one
Instead you can stroll back to the caravan, pop the little ones under the shower and rustle up a meal in kitchen kitted out with all the latest mod cons.
Liz will be posting five different cooking instructions on her website every week so her fans can rustle up the tasty dishes.
Four per cent even admitted they had got someone else to rustle up a meal and claimed the credit in an attempt to impress their friends.
I'm surprised one of his researchers didn't notice and rustle up a feature on "Should we wear cartoon socks when we are of a certain age?
It created a lot of interest and lots of our customers enjoyed watching Levi rustle up food for them to taste using his special sauces.
She's back with a new show that aims to teach viewers how to rustle up the food they love in the familiar surroundings of their own kitchens.
Baking is one thing, I can rustle up a cake in no time at all, but when it comes to proper food that grown-ups like to eat, my cooking always seems to fall a bit flat.