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do a runner

To flee or quickly leave a place, usually so as to get out of paying for something or to avoid trouble or the law. Primarily heard in UK. The teenagers did a runner as soon as the cab stopped, leaving the driver to foot the bill. The young man, unintelligible with drink, did a runner when the police went up to question him.
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the person or thing thought most likely to win or succeed. The press found out some juicy secrets about the front-runner and made them all public. Who is the front-runner in the race to be governor?

front runner

n. the leader; the person or thing most likely to win. The press found out some juicy secrets about the front runner and made them all public.
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1. n. a messenger. I work as a runner in the financial district.
2. n. a person who transports contraband. (Underworld.) The runners got away, but we have the goods.
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As listed above, all of these common runner cross-sections are machined into a single mold plate, except for the full-round runner cross-section.
I with a 5,000-meter clocking of 15:36 and is next season's front-runner for Runner of the Year.
Capabilities include hot runner, cold runner, multishot, stack molds, inserts, two-color, unscrewing and cam action molds.
Regardless of orientation, runner and gating systems usually have a pouring cup or basin, tapered sprue (with or without a well), choke, runner (with or without a runner extension and typically in the drag) and one or more ingates (typically in the cope) (Fig.
You learn about shoes by reading, asking runners how the shoes feel to them and wearing the shoes yourself.
Outgoing runner extends his arm fully, high, and with the palm of the hand facing up.
One runner's long run can serve as a regular training run for another runner.
17) The runner then approaches the buyer, receives the money, and quickly goes to one of the local bars or pornographic video theaters where the dealers have set up a safe house.
2 runner on her team, but any team in the area could have used her talent.
Specializes in converting existing cold-runner molds to hot runners.
This is because the distance between ingates is larger, forcing the need for a longer runner to fill all the gates.
Similar to hot runner molds which improve material flow via heat in thermoplastics, cold runner tooling keeps the thermosetting LSR cool and flowable right up to the part gate, allowing production with virtually no wasted material.
Which lane do you think a runner can sprint the curve the fastest against other runners?
If you are a regular runner with a weekly base of as little as 20 miles (even 15 according to some authorities), you can pick one of the many fall marathons, register now, and start training.
The campaign juxtaposes images of the human brain with Day Runner organizers to underscore the effectiveness of using a personal organizing system.