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give someone (the) rundown

To tell someone details about or a brief summary of a given event or situation. Sorry I missed the meeting this morning—could you give me a rundown of what was discussed? Mary gave John the rundown on the championship match.
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The general details about or a brief summary of an event or situation. Please give me a rundown of what was discussed in the board meeting yesterday. I'll just give you a quick rundown before we get started.


In poor health; feeling exhausted and sick. A: "I think I'm getting a sore throat." B: "You're probably run-down—you haven't gotten a full night's sleep in weeks!"


n. a summary bringing someone up to date. Can you give me a rundown on what’s happened since noon?
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We allow our pitchers to work on their own at each base, using their quickest move to initiate the rundown between 1st and 2nd.
For the pick-off move to 2nd, the RHP may use his inside move (pivot to his right) or jump-pivot (pivot to his left) to initiate the rundown.
To initiate the rundown between 3rd and home, the RH pitcher must use a special move, borrowing from the tricky LH pickoff at 1st base.
He then breaks to 1st in case he is needed in a rundown.
Calls "step off" then trails the runner to 2nd, about 10 feet behind, to shorten the distance on his throw in case of a rundown.
Upon hearing the call from the 1st baseman, he breaks to 2nd base to cover the bag and help on the rundown.
Backs up all throws to 3rd base, and is ready to be a back-up man on any rundown between 3rd and the plate.
MOS Drag-and-Drop to Rundown - Delivers an accurate and simple
As a result, broadcasters using the world's most popular new broadcast newsroom system will be able to view rundowns and read scripts while editing video on a Vibrint NewsEdit system.
Its powerful, easy-to-use features include scripting, rundowns, planning, contacts, messaging, archiving, third-party device control, news wire management, remote access capabilities for field staff, and the industry's only fully-integrated search engine.
The editor can also monitor the rundown to verify the story's timeslot in the newscast.
The editor can also monitor the rundown to verify the assigned duration and exact timeslot during the newscast.