run (someone or something) close

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run (someone or something) close

To nearly match or surpass someone or something in one's performance, skill, or ability. While he is still the undisputed master of filmmaking in my opinion, there are a few directors who run him close. She finished first to retain her championship title, but the favored newcomer ran her very close—just half a second behind her.
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run someone close

1 almost defeat a person or team in a contest. 2 almost match the same standards or level of achievement as someone else.
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run somebody/something ˈclose

(British English) be nearly as good, fast, successful, etc. as somebody/something else: Germany ran Argentina very close in the final.
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We've got a good recent record against the Wildcats, although the fact they've run us close on a number of occasions means there will be no complacency on our part.
It might run us close but if we want to win the game, we are going to have to up it again.
Newtown have run us close twice this season and can consider themselves unlucky not to have taken any points off us," added the player-manager.
I was confident, even though I thought the Dutch girls would run us close, but they pulled out beforehand.
Wales beating New Zealand in Wellington, Kenya beating the same opposition in the USA having run us close earlier on, and all that culminating in Argentina beating England to win the San Diego title on Sunday.
He said Labour would run us close which just goes to show how out of touch they are.
Belle Vue have the potential to run us close, especially if they all click.
During the season teams will run us close and even beat us but by May we will have secured title No.
Surrey and Birmingham are the teams with multiple losses (18 each), but everybody above that has run us close.
Good luck to them in the play-offs, they have run us close this season and deserve to earn themselves promotion.
Two years ago when we won the UniBond North title, they probably would have run us close if they hadn't have had an FA Cup run that season.
They always run us close and there's only been a goal in it when we've met this season and following their great against Omagh we know we have a game on our hands," said Quinn.
Arsenal, Newcastle and Blackburn have run us close for titles, but they are different.