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run someone or something to something

1. to run someone or something to some extreme extent, such as death. The villain's idea was to run his victim to death by chasing him. He nearly ran his horse to death.
2. to drive someone or something to some place. Could you run me to the store? Please run these clothes to the cleaners.
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run to someone or something

to travel quickly on foot to someone or something; to go to someone or something with some urgency. Mary ran to Alice and greeted her. I ran to the door and fled.
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run to something

to amount to a certain amount of money. In the end, the bill ran to thousands of dollars. His account ran to more than I expected.
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run to

1. Amount to, as in The total will run to thousands of dollars. This usage employs run in the sense of "extend." [Mid-1500s]
2. Lean toward, favor, as in My taste runs to chocolate desserts. [Colloquial; second half of 1800s] Also see run to earth; run to form; run to seed.
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run to

1. To make a brief trip somewhere, especially by motor vehicle: I'll run to the store and pick up some vegetables for dinner.
2. To amount to some maximal quantity: The bill for the flowers for the wedding ran to $900.
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Matador first baseman Aaron McKenzie gave CSUN the lead with a three-run home run to center field in the second inning.
He added a 36-yard run to give Antelope Valley a 33-8 lead with 10:30 remaining in the third quarter.
Rio Mesa scored again with 2:59 left in the fourth quarter when quarterback Brian DiDomizio followed a 47-yard pass to tight end Dan Bednar with a 3-yard scoring run to make the score 20-14.
Garret Anderson hit his 10th home run to extend his hitting streak to eight games, and Troy Percival finished up for his 10th save and second in as many days as the Angels stayed within three games of first-place Seattle.
Sometimes I'll run to work or during my lunch hour, if there's time.
The first was a 98-yard, 11-play drive late in the first half, capped by Nick Kaiser's 9-yard touchdown run to put the Rangers ahead for good at 14-7.