ride roughshod over

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ride roughshod over someone or something

 and run roughshod over someone or something
Fig. to treat someone or something with disdain or scorn. Tom seems to ride roughshod over his friends. You shouldn't have come into our town to ride roughshod over our laws and our traditions.
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ride roughshod over somebody/something

also run roughshod over somebody/something
to act without caring about how you will effect someone or something He was a bully and rode roughshod over his workers whenever he felt they weren't working hard enough.
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ride roughshod over something/somebody

to act in the way you want to, ignoring rules, traditions, or other people's wishes They accused the government of riding roughshod over parliamentary procedure. He cannot be allowed to ride roughshod over his colleagues with his ambitious plans.
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ride roughshod over

Act without regard for the feelings or interests of others, as in She just forges on, riding roughshod over her colleagues. This term alludes to the practice of arming horses with horseshoes mounted with projecting nails or points, which both gave them better traction and served as a weapon against fallen enemy soldiers. By 1800 it was being used figuratively for bullying behavior.
See also: ride, roughshod

ride roughshod over

To treat with brutal force: a manager who rode roughshod over all opposition.
See also: ride, roughshod
References in periodicals archive ?
For five years this Government has run roughshod over communities by closing local libraries and cutting local services.
The nub of the matter is that when local councillors on the planning sub-committee listen to local concerns and are minded to refuse an application, its planning officers run roughshod over them, so there is no local democracy and no local accountability.
Notions of martyrdom and Jihad run roughshod over the argument put forward by Mr Saunders.
Surely we do not, and would not run roughshod over our own people as they have?
Or, as it now appears, are we puppets of TV broadcasters and their time restraints which have run roughshod over the rules and regulations that have protected the integrity and enjoyment of the sport for years?
In our unilateral war on terror we have been too ready to run roughshod over the very laws and rules that protect our freedoms.
Plus, as often happens, these self-same "fresh thinkers" run roughshod over those who stand in their way, demanding what they shouldn't have and getting it because they are the chosen.
Doing this will show the mayor to be a leader and a thinker, and not one who tolerates vindictive, politically motivated prosecutors to run roughshod over those making the world better.
For too many years, councillors have run roughshod over local communities, destroying their housing and other buildings of architectural significance, the consequence of which is fractured communities, apathy, crime and concrete jungles.
THE FEDERAL government has transformed grand juries into "inquisitorial bulldozers that run roughshod over the constitutional rights of citizens," warns a new study from the Cato Institute.
Offering a prayer for God's forgiveness, he intoned, "We have allowed the Supreme Court to run roughshod over us, Lord, and we haven't protested.
Kennedy School of Government and NBC National Security Analyst) will lead the post-play discussion, which asks whether Bush presides over an "imperial presidency," and will focus on whether the President has abused his executive powers and run roughshod over the legislative and judicial branches in prosecuting his war on terrorism.
In California, we've seen redevelopment agencies run roughshod over property owners for years.
MOJAVE - He'll run roughshod over opposing secondaries and thrill crowds with big plays, but only because he has to.
A less reasonable fear is that Gill will run roughshod over the claiming ranks here and frustrate horseplayers with prohibitive favorites, as he did last winter at Gulfstream Park, where his trainer Mark Shuman saddled a track-record 87 winners, more than the next three men in the standings combined.