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Fans expecting the home side to run riot after the break were disappointed as Hyde kept possession for long periods without really prising open the home side's back four.
You know better, and you can let your imagination run riot.
Kyle Lafferty hits a hat-trick as Gers run riot to seal the title with Jelavic and Naismith also on target.
Dean Hammond also scored with his head as Southampton threatened to run riot after the break, but Northampton rallied and Hammond put the ball into the net again, this time at the wrong end, when he tried clearing Adebayo Akinfenwa's effort.
Notorious troublemaker Michael Gunn, 18, has run riot on his estate, threatening and intimidating neighbours in a campaign of terror.
Like several other contemporary panel shows, such as QI, Have I Got News for You and Never Mind the Buzzcocks, this programme often heads into surreal territory as the competitors allow their imaginations to run riot.
OK, we don't mind acknowledging that he did a fine job organising the G8 summit and making sure the rent-a-mob didn't run riot.
Computer graphics run riot throughout the film, of course, but there's a pleasing, oddly natural quality that comes with seeing so much practical magic after years of digital overkill.
The catalogue of imbecilic yobbish behaviour we have seen this year shows that these traditional events are now just another excuse for antisocial thugs to run riot and make residents' lives a misery.
Mr Tate, 51, said: "These kids just run riot around here.
Firstly, Liverpool threatened to run riot, but they didn't.
n France will be at their most dangerous and could run riot now the pressure has been released;
I think they are looking at the hard pitches and good conditions in Australia for people like Joe Rokocoko to run riot and are expecting a high-scoring tournament.
In a Dail debate on the revised Central Bank code of conduct, Fianna Fail demanded the Coalition gets involved instead of letting the institutions run riot on distressed homes.
It's not just the case that kids run riot, they can be boisterous and unruly wherever you go, no matter what you do.