run rings around

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run rings around (someone)

To do something much better or more efficiently than someone else. Please, I could run rings around you guys—let me try playing that video game with you. After seeing her latest times, I expect Shelly to run rings around her competition in the pool today.
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run rings around

Also, run circles around. Be markedly superior to, as in Ethan runs rings around David in chess, or In spelling, Karen runs circles around her classmates. The first term, dating from the late 1800s, alludes to a horse running around a riding ring much faster than the others.
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run ˈrings around/round somebody/something

(informal) do something very well and so make your opponent look foolish: I don’t want to compete against her in the debate, she’ll run rings around me.
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Sweden continued to run rings round Malta's midfield and five minutes before the interval frustration got the better of the visitors with Zlatan Ibrahimovic pulled to the ground just outside the area.
MARTIN PIPEhas run rings round the handicapper with a handful of horses carrying David Johnson's colours this season, and Tanterari can add another to the haul thanks to a switch to fences at Hereford.
LIV TYLER proves she can run rings round the 1920s black and white film stars in this retro-glam, spotted get up.
Now selectors believe she'll run rings round opponents when she runs on to the pitch on Monday.
Stan may have had a poor season with Villa but at least he's stuck with one team that can still run rings round the opposition.
SHANE WILLIAMS aims to run rings round the All Blacks - and clinch the World Player of the Year title in style.
They didn't run rings round us and I don't expect them to in the replay.
I've met a few choirboys who can run rings round me in a game of chess, but they've all been ruddy useless at football.
TWO cheeky youngsters who run rings round an ice-cream vendor have been chosen by Sunday Mail readers as Scotland's top TV advert.
00) can run rings round the others headed by Brilliant Red, who is sure to make a bold bid to win his third race on the bounce.