run rings around

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run rings around somebody/something

to show much more skill or ability than someone or something else International gangs of art thieves have run rings around national police. Olympic hockey runs rings around the game played by professionals.
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run rings around/round somebody

to have much more skill, ability, or intelligence than someone else Why does he talk to Alison as if she's stupid, when we all know she could run rings around him?
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run rings around

Also, run circles around. Be markedly superior to, as in Ethan runs rings around David in chess, or In spelling, Karen runs circles around her classmates. The first term, dating from the late 1800s, alludes to a horse running around a riding ring much faster than the others.
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HONOURED: Sam Perrie lets the children run rings around her; SKIP TO IT: Sam with some of the children she cares for before and after school
Time and time again, the developers' skilled consultants run rings around our planning committee.
Saddam, he has judged, will simply continue to run rings around Dr Hans Blix and his team.
The dogs - all rescued by the UK's largest dog welfare charity, Dogs Trust - have run rings around their human handlers, making up in charisma what they've lacked in obedience.
Laois have speed all round the park, a strong midfield pairing and an attack which can run rings around any defence.
Walne continued to run rings around his opponents and completed his hat-trick with tries in the 43rd and 56th minutes.
Alan, from Wetherby, West Yorks, plays in at least one match a week at a local sports centre and is said to run rings around opponents a third of his age and some young enough to be his grandchildren.
We can't afford to sit back and let them play otherwise a team like Arsenal will run rings around you.
Jimmy Aggrey was a giant in the Torquay defence, keeping Worcester top scorer Bam Bowen under control, but City forward Michael Griffiths used his strength and pace to run rings around the rest of the back four.
But they've still managed to run rings around the Secretary of State.
Punt him to reasonable stakes to run rings around these desperately one-paced rivals.