run onto

run something onto something

to drive or guide something onto the surface of something. He ran the car onto the grass and washed it. Please run your bicycle onto the porch and I will try to fix it for you.
See also: run
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Yes, we get passionate and left hugely disappointed, but when it gets to the stage when players are restraining fans who have run onto the pitch, coins are being thrown and children are being moved into the dugout to escape the protests it's gone too far.
It got even better on 17 minutes when Chelle crossed the ball into the six-yard box for Jess to run onto and hook it home.
The hosts then tooK the lead for the first time in the game three minutes after the interval, as Tindle sent a defence-splitting ball through for Dan Morgan to run onto.
If the supporter did not run onto the pitch I'm sure we'd have won the game.
He has become a hero to the Italian soccer world, apparently, as this year he has managed to bypass stewards to run onto pitches in three different continents.
I was ready to run onto the pitch with both arms raised because we had scored an equaliser and we were going to be in with a chance to win the game.
The Brazilian magician then flicked the ball over the defence for Filippo Inzaghi to run onto but after rounding Antonioli the veteran striker couldn't turn his shot in.
in 1963 and 1964, no program defined college football more than Notre Dame, and players said it was an awe-inspiring moment to run onto the same grounds where Knute Rockne coached, and where Paul Hornung, George Gipp and the Four Horsemen played.
A police helicopter was scrambled to track the animal and marksmen drafted in to kill it amid fears it would run onto a train track.
I thought it must be to do with one of the field events until I saw a stray dog run onto the track and past the lead runner.
It was two soon after as Harriers defender Johnny Mullins allowed Tyson to run onto a long through-ball before dummying keeper Danby and tapping into an open net.
Seven minutes later Steven Ellis played a stunning pass for David Henry to run onto and hammer the ball past Alec Thompson in the Wick goal.
Within seven minutes, City had scored a decisive second, Tony Thorpe outpacing the defence to run onto Tom Doherty's pass.
The mentality in Italy is different and people run onto the pitch to celebrate - it can become scary.
Dancers run onto the stage, their movements bold and powerful but melancholic.