run counter to

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run counter to (something)

To oppose, contravene, or work against to someone or something. The former CEO's actions run counter to everything this company stands for; as such, she has been immediately removed from her position. The governor's newest policy seems to be running counter to everything he promised during his election campaign.
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run counter to something

to be in opposition to something; to run against something. (This has nothing to do with running.) Your proposal runs counter to what is required by the manager. His idea runs counter to good sense.
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run counter to

Be in conflict with, oppose, as in Practice often runs counter to theory. This idiom, first recorded in 1843, uses counter in the sense of "in an opposite direction."
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run counter to

be or develop in conflict with.
See also: counter, run
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Kleinhenz notes that market indicators run counter to the association affordability index.
These findings run counter to earlier reports, most out of Europe, that echinacea revs up an immune response against cold viruses (SN: 3/27/99, p.
Advocacy would run counter to the Catholic Church's teachings on homosexuality," says Dunn, explaining why the group's mission needed to be finessed.
The Socialist government of Jose Luis Zapatero has used its current popularity to introduce policies reflecting this change, the majority of which run counter to the teachings of the Catholic Church (files from Zenit, National Post, Hamilton Spectator).
Some aspects of this approach run counter to what we have come to expect in a high quality, modern building.
Recent studies of TiVo users reveal most advertisers' marketing plans run counter to consumers' behavior, Walker said.
But how do you fight an enemy that is very swift and has no scruples, whose actions run counter to the laws on which Western civilization based?
In a statement, Archbishop Williams said, "It is important that the Canadian church has held back from a structural shift that would have run counter to the pleas and wishes of the Primates' meeting last autumn and of so many around the Communion.
Willard is also an advocate of what he calls "galaxy thinking," a problem-solving method that involves coming up with situational "what ifs"--especially those that run counter to conventional thinking.
His views on the Delie, in particular, run counter to the "optimistic" views of closure, harmony, and balance through which others have interpreted Sceve's poetic love masterpiece.
Saudi Arabia intends to stamp out Pokemon, as the card game is said to run counter to Islamic law.
I ask AAFES to exercise its conscience, to say that slave labor, sweatshop labor, child labor are abhorrent practices that run counter to everything that we as a nation stand for.
Not understanding that the traits of a happy family, such as filial deference, often run counter to those of a profitable business, which must be managed in a strictly professional manner.
Two massive 20 metre long walls set 20 degrees apart run counter to the slope and define both entrance and view.
Any attempt to restore or to reconstruct it would run counter to its concept.