run by

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run something by (someone) (again)

to explain something to someone again; to say something to someone again. I didn't hear you. Please run that by me again. Please run it by so we can all hear it.
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run something by somebody

to show someone something or tell them about it to get their opinion Would you run that by me again?
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run by

1. To run near or alongside someone or something: We were walking in the woods when suddenly a big moose ran by.
2. To encounter something while walking or running: We ran by two waterfalls during our hike in the mountains.
3. To tell, explain, or demonstrate something to someone: Please run those instructions by me again—I didn't hear them all.
4. To come to some place for a brief period of time: I ran by the store after work to pick up some milk.
See also: run
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Tied 3-3 at the half, the Mustangs (1-1) took the second-half kickoff and marched 76 yards on 11 plays, culminating with a 1-yard touchdown run by tailback Keola Asuega.
Marshall opened the scoring on a 34-yard run by Daniel McHenry in the second quarter.
Offensive lineman Manzel Meymarain ran a ``fumblerooskie'' play 30 yards to set up Hoover's first score, a 6-yard run by Shepard.
Chaminade 7, El Camino Real 4: The visiting Eagles (2-0) opened the top of the eighth inning with a solo home run by Chris Martinez and followed with four unearned runs to edge the Conquistadores (0-3).
Hart took a 14-0 lead following a 1-yard touchdown run by Billy Brecht and a 76-yard scoring pass from David Neill to Jared Bazar.
Woods raced 49 yards for a touchdown on the game's second play from scrimmage and a 54-yard run by Newton set up a 1-yard quarterback sneak by Myles Meeden with 4:19 left in the first.
Peninsula (10-1) kept it close on a 1-yard run by Danny Maloney, but the Centurions moved 62 yards in four plays, with Kobe finding Johnson for the game-clinching score.