run by

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run (something) by (one)

To casually explain something to someone; to inform someone about something. I have an idea I'd like to run by you. OK, run the plan by me one more time.
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run by (some place)

To briefly visit or stop at some location, especially so one can collect something. I just need to run by the office and get my phone charger. Do you mind if we run by the grocery store to pick up some milk on the way home?
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run something by (someone) (again)

to explain something to someone again; to say something to someone again. I didn't hear you. Please run that by me again. Please run it by so we can all hear it.
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run by

1. To run near or alongside someone or something: We were walking in the woods when suddenly a big moose ran by.
2. To encounter something while walking or running: We ran by two waterfalls during our hike in the mountains.
3. To tell, explain, or demonstrate something to someone: Please run those instructions by me again—I didn't hear them all.
4. To come to some place for a brief period of time: I ran by the store after work to pick up some milk.
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Leading 7-0 in the third quarter, Calabasas scored on a six-minute, 88-yard drive consisting of 10 consecutive running plays, capped by a 2-yard run by Barry Dadon.
Verdugo Hills made it 13-7 on a 3-yard run by Sean McGhee midway through the third quarter.
Both touchdowns from Verdugo Hills (0-5) - a 2-yard run by Michael Cloud and a 4-yard run from Michael Tabarez - were set up by Patriots penalties.
Charter Oak (21-7), the Miramonte League champion, tied it at 1 in the top of the second on a solo home run by first baseman Marco Manrique.
Marshall opened the scoring on a 34-yard run by Daniel McHenry in the second quarter.
Offensive lineman Manzel Meymarain ran a ``fumblerooskie'' play 30 yards to set up Hoover's first score, a 6-yard run by Shepard.
Chaminade 7, El Camino Real 4: The visiting Eagles (2-0) opened the top of the eighth inning with a solo home run by Chris Martinez and followed with four unearned runs to edge the Conquistadores (0-3).