run away with

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run away with

1. To flee or depart very suddenly and hurriedly along with someone else. Harry ran away with a group of troublemakers from his school, so there's no telling what he's up to at the moment.
2. To elope with someone. She was all set to marry the son of her father's business partner, but she ran away with her high school sweetheart at the last minute.
3. To flee with something that one has stolen. The kid ran away with a bunch of candy while her friend distracted the store owner.
4. To give the best performance and succeed handily in something. It was pretty even for the first half, but the Chargers ran away with the game after they got that interception in the third quarter. The whole production was great, but the woman who played Harriet ran away with the show, if you ask me.
5. To overwhelm or take control of one's judgment or senses. Sorry, my excitement ran away with me, and I pulled the lever too early. I never meant to be so mean to Helena, but my nastiness runs away with me whenever I'm around her.
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run away with someone

1. to flee in the company of someone. Frank arrived on the scene, saw what had happened, and ran away with the other boys. Tom ran away with Bill to a place where they could hide.
2. [for two people] to elope. Jill ran away with Jack, much to her father's relief. Jill and Jack ran away with each other.
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run away with something

1. to flee with something in one's possession. The crook ran away with the watch. Someone ran away with that lady's purse.
2. to capture or steal a performance by being the best performer. Henry ran away with the show, and everyone loved him. The dog ran away with the whole performance.
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run away with

1. Also, run off with. Hurriedly make off with someone or something, as in She ran away with the boy next door, or The children ran off with the ball. [Early 1600s]
2. Win handily, as in The film ran away with all the important awards. [Early 1800s]
3. Get the better of, as in Sometimes his enthusiasm runs away with him. [Late 1600s]
See also: away, run
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Arif told Harian Metro that men follow a local tradition of their island in which they run away with the woman they want to marry, reports the Star Online.