run away

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run away (from someone or something)

to flee someone or something. Please don't run away from me. I mean you no harm. Our dog ran away from the lawn mower.
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run away (from somebody/something)

1. to leave a person or place secretly and suddenly Vinnie ran away from home when he was 16.
2. to avoid someone or something unpleasant You can't run away from your problems by watching videos all day. It is a disease and there is no cure, but you must not run away from people with AIDS.
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run away

1. Flee, escape, as in Our dog is no watchdog; he runs away from strangers, or Our six-year-old said he'd run away from home. [Late 1300s]
2. Also, run off. Leave secretly, especially to elope, as in She ran away from home when she was only thirteen, or They ran off to Maryland and got married by a justice of the peace. [Early 1600s]
3. it won't run away. An object, activity, or issue will not disappear, as in You can leave, but when you come back the mess in the kitchen will still be there-it won't run away, you know! This jocular assurance of permanence dates from the late 1800s. Also see run away with.
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run away

1. To flee; escape: As the soldiers approached the town, many people ran away. The mouse ran away from the cat.
2. To secretly leave one's home to escape it: Every year, many teenagers run away and never return home.
3. To secretly leave one's home to elope or have a romantic relationship: They didn't want to deal with a big wedding, so they ran away to Las Vegas.
4. run away with To surpass an opponent and attain some prize: They ran away with the championship, defeating every opponent handily.
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Her relative who used to work in a hotel told her to run away and sent a cab right to our doorstep.
Andy McCullough, Railway Children's head of UK policy and public affairs says: "Children run away for a variety of reasons, such as problems experienced at school, relationship issues or family breakdown.
More girls run away than boys but boys tend to stay away longer | More girls run away than boys but boys tend to stay away longer
Railway Children provide help and support to children under 16 who have run away from home or are at risk of doing so.
The police knocked down the door of the house to rescue her - and she said that experience has made her decide never to run away again.
Statistics from a 2010 Urban Institute research brief show that one in five youth runs away before reaching age 18, and of that 20% who do run, half of them run away two or more times.
SWANSEA boss Brendan Rodgers will not press the panic button after seeing his side's winless run away from home extended at Everton.
This wasn't the first time the girls had run away from home and with no transport or money to travel back to their homes they'd reluctantly agreed to a lift, putting themselves in immense danger.
According to the report, a primary motivation for some foster care youth to run away is unique from typical runaways in that they want to be with their biological family and friends.
RUNAWAY teenager Shanice Buckle has urged other unsettled youngsters: "Don't run away from your problems.
was also charged with stealing a pick-up truck from an employee and using it to run away.
The paper presents data from a National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY97) to explore the "lifetime prevalence" or the percentage of youth who ever run away from home, number of runaway episodes and the age at which they first run away.
Is it afraid, or does it just know to run away whenever something bigger comes along?
Kuala Lumpur, May 29 (ANI): Men on the Indonesian island of Lombok run away with girls to prove their manliness, according to Indonesian Novian Arif.
ALMOST two in every 100 children run away from home in the North East, new figures have revealed.