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You tried to make what appears to the court as an end run around (Superior Court Judge Gary Klausner's) decision,'' said Presiding Justice Joan Klein.
One reader of the guide wrote: "Why are there undisciplined children who are allowed to run around unchecked, or screaming babies who aren't taken outside to calm down?
Now I've no problem running around on the beach when before I used to walk and they would run around me.
Summary: Australian police are given the run around by a kangaroo in Melbourne.
A few months ago the radio presenter said he would run around Molineux ground naked if Stale Solbakken became manager of Wolverhampton Wanderers.
You get to hit a ball, throw a ball and run around.
Fresh from his success at the Toronto Marathon, the oldest marathon runner was in Dubai for a run around the city's landmarks.
In England, sometimes people think you aren't very good if you don't run around a lot," he said.
SHE has run around the world, ridden a horse more than 3,000 miles through Chile and has also run across the Sahara Desert, Iceland, Nepal, Kosovo and Cuba.
A leading trade union warned London's mayor yesterday that there are "huge difficulties" to overcome ifTube trains are to run around the clock during the 2012 Olympics.
He is now waiting for the London-based certifying body to declare his feat a world record for longest solo run around the US perimeter.
CANCER sufferer Liz Harding has flown to America to run around a theme park for charity.
The point of going to school is to learn, not to run around your math class, listen to your iPod, roll around on exercise balls and IM during class.
You can see history,'' said Myrka, 12, a student from Northridge Middle School who joined the 5K run around the Rose Bowl.