run aground

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run aground (on something)

[for a ship] to ram its hull into something beneath the water and get stuck. The ship ran aground on a reef and had to wait for high tide to get free. I was afraid we would run aground in the storm.
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He said: "If you run aground the best thing to do by far is to ask for help early rather than wait for the situation to get more dangerous.
The cargo ships Sunrise and Celia were run aground by powerful winds on September 28 south of the port city of Valencia.
Mumbai The oil tanker MT Pavit, which had run aground off the Juhu-Versova beach in north-west Mumbai on July 31 last year, is all set to go under the hammer.
Summary: A fuel tanker has run aground in the far north of Canada but none of the diesel it was carrying is believed to have spilled.
3 : to run or cause to run aground <ground a ship>
The QE2, which had run aground hours earlier, last night sailed serenely out of Southampton on a tide of emotion on its last-ever voyage.
We heard the ship had run aground when we turned into the Solent and hit a sand bank.
RUN AGROUND: The ferry which run aground near Blackpool due to the high winds Picture courtesy of BBC News
Stephen Humphreys yelled on an open channel from the Flying Phantom: "We've run aground.
The stricken MSC Napoli was deliberately run aground near Sidmouth, east Devon after it was damaged during a storm on Thursday.
When those ships run aground on coral reefs, says Dwivedi, they leave paint debris.