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rumor campaign

A concentrated and prolonged effort to damage or ruin someone's or some group's reputation through the perpetuation of rumors, innuendos, and/or falsities, generally as a means of persuading a large number of people against him, her, or them. Primarily heard in US. The local sheriff's slim lead heading into the election quickly evaporated after he found himself at the wrong end of a vicious rumor campaign. I think we need to start a rumor campaign to slow down the competitor's growth in the market, but no one can know that it's coming from us!
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rumor mill

The source from, or process by, which rumors are generated, spread, and perpetuated among a group of people. Primarily heard in US. Listen, Barry, you can't believe everything that comes out of the rumor mill. I can guarantee you that there will be no layoffs this year. One of the downsides of having a celebrity status is having every aspect of your life subjected to the Hollywood rumor mill.
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rumor has it that...

there is a rumor that... Rumor has it that Fred is seeing Mary and that they are engaged.
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latrine rumor

(ləˈtrin ˈrumɚ)
n. any rumor, especially one that is alleged to spread at the latrine [general toilet facilities]. (see also furphy, scuttlebutt.) Somebody started spreading a latrine rumor about the colonel’s wife.
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References in classic literature ?
For the moment he poignantly regretted that rumor was not true, and that his eleven millions were not in reality thirty millions.
Beside him were two hyenas, which rumor had said were his only and constant companions.
Neither was this rumor wholly discredited, although the wiser class believed the Governor's object somewhat less atrocious.
     Hinting a rumor of some ancient guilt.
News feature by Kholoud Al-Enezi KUWAIT, Aug 3 (KUNA) -- Expert warn rumors lead to serious negative impact on society's fabric because they are intended to demoralize people and destabilize the country and undermine its security.
Studies show that while many rumors in organizations are based on partially accurate information, they are rarely totally accurate.
While Beyonce and Jay-Z wanted to shoot down divorce rumors with their MTV VMA kiss, the "Fearless" singer's father, Matthew Knowles claimed the rumors were circulated deliberately in the first place for the couple's benefit anyway.
It seems that Ahmad Abu Hashima is as sick of hearing rumors about him getting back with ex Haifa Wehbe just as much as we are
In most cases opinions, estimates and predictions of investors and private analysts can best be described as merely rumors and not necessarily as objective and reliable information analyzed by experts.
Over the last couple of months there have been rumors about the features of Apple's new iPhone 5 flying all over the place.
Beijing, Apr 17( ANI ): A renowned Chinese newspaper has advised the public not to indulge in spreading rumors, and has published ten online rumors that could cause harm.
However, one form of Internet communication--e-mail--does seem to have troubling consequences for the spread and belief of rumors.
At the time when the rumors started circulating, You'annas was meeting with leaders of the Coptic Diaspora in the US to persuade them to cancel protests planned during President Hosni Mubarak's visit to the White House.
of South Australia) synthesize the old and new research findings in psychology about how rumors work.
Rumors of a new Disneyland are as common as the Disney movie of the week.