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rumor campaign

A concentrated and prolonged effort to damage or ruin someone's or some group's reputation through the perpetuation of rumors, innuendos, and/or falsities, generally as a means of persuading a large number of people against him, her, or them. Primarily heard in US. The local sheriff's slim lead heading into the election quickly evaporated after he found himself at the wrong end of a vicious rumor campaign. I think we need to start a rumor campaign to slow down the competitor's growth in the market, but no one can know that it's coming from us!
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rumor mill

The source from, or process by, which rumors are generated, spread, and perpetuated among a group of people. Primarily heard in US. Listen, Barry, you can't believe everything that comes out of the rumor mill. I can guarantee you that there will be no layoffs this year. One of the downsides of having a celebrity status is having every aspect of your life subjected to the Hollywood rumor mill.
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rumor has it (that)

It is being rumored that. Rumor has it that the boss is using the company profits to pay off his own gambling debts. No one is certain where the money went, but rumor has it the CEO has been embezzling the funds into offshore accounts.
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latrine rumor

dated In the military, any gossip, rumor, or unfounded information passed along in the latrines of soldiers. If the latrine rumors are to be believed, we're going to be relocated to an area outside of Danang next week. You shouldn't believe every latrine rumor you hear, son. When soldiers have too much time on their hands, they start spinning stories.
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rumor has it that...

there is a rumor that... Rumor has it that Fred is seeing Mary and that they are engaged.
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latrine rumor

(ləˈtrin ˈrumɚ)
n. any rumor, especially one that is alleged to spread at the latrine [general toilet facilities]. (see also furphy, scuttlebutt.) Somebody started spreading a latrine rumor about the colonel’s wife.
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That's probably because the coaching vacancy has turned into a circus with each different rumored candidate.
Since the same target may be rumored more than once and in more than one column, these columns are carefully scrutinized on a daily basis to ensure that the date of the first rumor publication from each column is obtained, as well as subsequent rumor publication dates for the same companies.
The device is rumored to launch alongside two LCD devices, the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.
The iPhone 8, which could also be called the iPhone X, iPhone Pro or iPhone Edition, is rumored to come with an (http://www.
Contracts are rumored to be done with A Corp and all of that.
San Diego pool pros Peter Hewitt and Steve Bailey are rumored to have found themselves a bit of the good life up in Oregon with tales of beautiful girls, home-cooked meals and acres of smooth concrete.
The iPhone 8 is rumored to be released with the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, which are expected to come with LCD displays.
The iPhone 8, (what could also be called the iPhone X, iPhone Pro or iPhone Edition,) is rumored to come with a an (http://www.
The iPhone 7S and 7S Plus are rumored to come with LCD displays, while the iPhone 8 (iPhone X) is expected to feature an OLED screen display.
The iPhone 8 is rumored to come with an OLED panel which could (http://www.
The battery life of the rumored OLED iPhone could be better than the 5.
The blog did not say the new phones will have wireless charging, which was previously rumored in other reports.
While AMOLED displays have been rumored for the tablets, Apple is not adopting AMOLED displays for iPads until (http://www.
iPhone 8 rumors have been floating around ever since the iPhone 7 launch and now more rumored features have surfaced about the upcoming device.