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ruminate about something

 and ruminate on something
to ponder and think about something. (Alludes to a cow, relaxing and chewing its cud, as if it is thinking.) He sat, ruminating about the events of the day, humming and eating peanuts. Let me ruminate on this a little bit.
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However, in our experience, the ingrowths or infoldings of seeds that are commonly admitted to be ruminate generally exceed in depth one-third of their width.
Researchers have asked people to report their tendency to ruminate, and then looked to see if it connected to physiological issues.
In fact, individuals suffering from depression often ruminate about being depressed.
Although as editorial page editor and writer she was no doubt called upon to apply her subtle understanding of Washington anthropology in deciding where the Post should stand on various issues, as a writer--and henceforth, when I refer to "Greenfield," you can assume I mean Greenfield the columnist and author--she seemed content to ruminate about human frailty and folly.
Act II's autobiographical "It's About Time" lags when Davison sets aside the first act's marvelous undercurrent of object manipulation to ruminate on timely concerns.
People ruminate on their own, of course, but mental potential surges most forcefully-for better and for worse-when we coalesce into groups of various kinds and sizes.
The master apologist did not ruminate about himself overmuch.
There's the vague feeling that Wong wants to ruminate on the Hong Kong of the past (his work often is awash in nostalgia) and the future (occasional newsreel footage inserts some political commentary), but ``2046,'' at its best, is simply Wong being Wong, delivering eroticism of the highest order, working on a level that no one else can hope to match.
During the course of their letters, the two writers commiserate over doomed love affairs, compete to produce the most misery-soaked Genet quote, and ruminate on public sex, Zeeland's scarily close connection to Andrew Cunanan, and a shared thesis that gay life is often a lot more hassle than it's worth.
Between spoonfuls of leek-and-potato soup she spoke of an ambition to take her career to "another level," a plateau that would appear to involve a Sonny & Cher-style television variety show, on which Bernhard would appear in confections whipped up by her many designer friends, ruminate in her singular comedic way, and entertain a series of "surprise" guests.
This collection includes works by offenders--looking deeper inside themselves than they have before; lawyers, who ruminate on alternatives to the death sentence; journalists who describe the death chamber and the event itself; and families of the victims and the executed, who discuss their experiences.
Essays ruminate on his Southern experiences, his Valley of the Shadow Project, interpretations of the war, what caused it, and the failure of the Reconstruction, concluding with an essay in memory of C.
Artists asked to ruminate on the intersection of life and art in the music of Billie Holiday point to the sense of truth imparted in highly personal interpretations of sometimes unremarkable material.
Players are rarely given time enough to provide more than an insipid, redundant sound bite; no one's been allowed to ruminate or agonize at length over the mole's identity - or anything, for that matter.
2) Members of the Just for Looks club ruminate on a memorial near the little girl's home.