rule with a rod of iron

(redirected from rule with an iron hand)

rule (somebody) with a rod of iron

  (British, American & Australian) also rule (somebody) with an iron fist/hand (American & Australian)
to control a group of people very firmly, having complete power over everything that they do For 17 years she ruled the country with a rod of iron. My uncle rules the family business with an iron hand.
See also: iron, of, rod, rule
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Jean Martin Charcot, who first described the clinical features and pathology of MS, flourished in a highly politicized French hospital system that he came to rule with an iron hand.
WAY OUT WEST: Ian McShane continues to rule with an iron hand in Deadwood, Sky One, 10.
We must rule with an iron hand cloaked in a velvet glove," says one of the respondents in the new follow-up Catalyst study to be released in 1998, which will focus on the career mobility of women of color in large corporations.
One senior Taliban leader brushed aside Western criticism, vowing to capture all of Afghanistan and rule with an iron hand.