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TWIN Atlantic will ruffle a few feathers with their cheeky T in the Park T-shirt - featuring an osprey.
But, if we can win, it would ruffle a few feathers, based on what the perception is of where our team is at and what we could possibly do this year.
The star of the The Only Way Is Essex TV show hosted an event at S7VEN in Coventry last week and is now hoping to ruffle a few feathers as he swaps the famous Essex Sugarhut for S7VEN for his 22nd birthday party.
Perch told the Chronicle: "We're going to go down there to ruffle a few feathers.
INITIAL analyses of the latest round of API scores suggest two trends that are good news for Los Angeles Unified School District parents, but are sure to ruffle a few feathers within the education establishment: Rigorous standards work, and so do charter schools.
The WRU can change the emblem, but does it have the will and support to ruffle a few feathers inside and outside Wales in order to do so?
She is set to ruffle a few feathers on the cobbled streets when she turns up to beg her estranged hubby for a second chance.
Poole's Leigh Adams and Ipswich's Scott Nicholls are the star attractions, and Coventry's Billy Janniro is sure to ruffle a few feathers.
The Fulham captain will earn his 54th cap against the Azzurri, and he hopes to ruffle a few feathers.
THERE'S a cosmopolitan cafe bar in Southport which is looking to ruffle a few feathers.
In a move likely to ruffle a few feathers at Apple Computer Inc, Sotec Co has become the latest Asian PC manufacturer to crib design cues from the iMac with the release of its translucent e- one PC.
Tonight, he managed to ruffle a few feathers when he confused Edinburgh for Glasgow, but we'll forgive him as he talked about singing karaoke with Belle & Sebastian.
Plus, there's a market for unique, death-related items, he said, acknowledging his whole online concept may ruffle a few feathers.