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rude awakening

The shocking instance of learning the unpleasant or unwelcome truth about a situation. We had a rude awakening when the waiter brought us the bill and we saw how much we had spent on dinner and drinks.
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age before beauty

a jocular and slightly rude way of encouraging someone to go ahead of oneself; a comical, teasing, and slightly grudging way of indicating that someone else should or can go first. "No, no. Please, you take the next available seat," smiled Tom. "Age before beauty, you know."
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a rude awakening

if you have a rude awakening, you have a severe shock when you discover the truth of a situation We had a rude awakening when we saw the amount of our phone bill. You've been so spoiled by your parents, you are in for a rude awakening when you start to look after yourself.
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1. mod. undesirable; unpleasant. The prof in my history class is a rude dude, for sure.
2. mod. cool; pleasant; excellent. Man, that’s a rude bike!
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Less than two percent of respondents found these airlines to be the rudest in the nation, a testament to their much-touted "superior" customer service.
Yi Bao, Skyscanner Market Manager for China, said: "Whilst China has been voted as the fifth rudest nation in this poll, I think it is more about cultural differences that are being misinterpreted rather than actual rude behaviour.
Sehgal, like any Art Fair Artist worth the price of a VIP preview ticket, goes for the rudest wound.
Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training is searching for the RUDEST comment or action you've ever experienced.
One of my statements did not appear as I originally intended 'that some of the youngsters are among some of the rudest I have met in 14 years of welfare work bearing in mind the better class of home from which they come and I feel the parents are mainly to blame'.
MO Farah has named American rapper Busta Rhymes as the rudest celebrity he has ever met.
htm#page0) The Rudest (And Friendliest) Nations For Travelers
Next we had four young men in a car visiting the rudest street names in the UK.
I run a very physically demanding business, write several weekly columns, honour public speaking engagements and radio contributions, am writing a book and single-handedly look after a smallholding which wouldn't be possible if I were not in the rudest of health
Travelers with offensive body odor topped our list of rudest flyers, followed by people who talk on mobile phones at the top of their lungs while strolling through the airport, and people who are rude to airline staff.
The Liverpool International is in its rudest health yet.
A POET had schoolgirls in fits of laughter when he read them the rudest poem he had ever written.
Brummies and Scousers are rated the rudest people in the UK, according to a survey by supermarket Somerfield.
But a second-place finish, losing out to France on points difference, indicates Ireland are in the rudest health of all the home nations with the World Cup just 18 months away.
It features some of Britain's laziest, rudest and out-of-control individuals, beginning with three hopeless husbands.