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rude awakening

The shocking instance of learning the unpleasant or unwelcome truth about a situation. We had a rude awakening when the waiter brought us the bill and we saw how much we had spent on dinner and drinks.
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age before beauty

a jocular and slightly rude way of encouraging someone to go ahead of oneself; a comical, teasing, and slightly grudging way of indicating that someone else should or can go first. "No, no. Please, you take the next available seat," smiled Tom. "Age before beauty, you know."
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a rude awakening

if you have a rude awakening, you have a severe shock when you discover the truth of a situation We had a rude awakening when we saw the amount of our phone bill. You've been so spoiled by your parents, you are in for a rude awakening when you start to look after yourself.
See also: awaken, rude


1. mod. undesirable; unpleasant. The prof in my history class is a rude dude, for sure.
2. mod. cool; pleasant; excellent. Man, that’s a rude bike!
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NEW YORK, June 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Ruder Finn, Inc.
Elan Shou, EVP and Managing Director of Ruder Finn Greater China, said: "This win further demonstrates our legacy in motorsports tradition and digital communications.
We believe that IAS is well-poised to enter the second phase of growth, as it turns carefully developed technology into products that have the potential to make a significant impact in many market sectors," said Rich Layne, executive vice president and head of the Business Communications Group at Ruder Finn.
Ruder Finn Asia is the premier communications agency in the luxury market in China, and this new partnership with BMW China further underscores our leadership in this important brand sector," said Kathy Bloomgarden, Global CEO of Ruder Finn.
Despite the downturn of the economy, Ruder Finn billings for the first quarter of 2001 reflect double-digit growth as compared to the same period in 2000.
John has worked extensively in the emerging tech space and his digital foresight will strengthen our innovative health and wellness programming," said Kathy Bloomgarden, CEO of Ruder Finn.
Ruder Finn is a leading communications, counseling and service agency with more than 50 years of experience.
In addition to five #1 rankings and increasing client satisfaction scores, Ruder Finn China also showed financial, client, new business and operational success in 2014 with year-on-year revenues increasing by 10 percent and profits by 42 percent.
Ruder Finn Washington's technology practice designs and implements customized communications plans that build brand equity, expand awareness and generate strategic visibility for companies in the information technologies, e-business solutions, telecommunications and new media sectors.
Ruder Finn Employee Engagement Accolades RF TechTalent is part of Ruder Finn's broader employee engagement practice, which is a fundamental part of its work across each of its four strategic pillars--Corporate Reputation & Transformation, Health & Wellness, Technology & Innovation, and Consumer Connection.
Reflecting on the growth of the San Francisco office, Richard Funess, managing director, Ruder Finn/Americas, noted that the key to its growth has been its ability to recruit some of the best people in a very tight job market.
Ruder Finn is known for flagship media expertise, and we are passionate about keeping clients ahead of 'what's next' across all media segments and channels," said Susan Goldstein, Chair, Worldwide Healthcare, Ruder Finn.
We are very pleased and confident about our relationship with Ruder Finn," said Robi Hartman, Vice Chairman of IIS.
BEIJING, April 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- RF Thunder, sister company of Ruder Finn Asia, has opened its fourth office, the first in Beijing, with Tingting Wu as General Manager.
11 in Croatia's Ruder Boskovic Institute will give third-party validation of the effectiveness of the ELF landmine detector developed by Tucson-based Chemical Detection Technology (ChemTech), according to an announcement released today by ChemTech's parent company, Loch Harris, Inc.