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Rube Goldberg

Describing an unnecessarily complicated machine used for a simple task. Rube Goldberg was an American cartoonist known for drawing such contraptions. I just love these silly Rube Goldberg machines—it takes imagination to design something so complicated!
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hey, Rube!

A rallying cry for assistance when trouble breaks out. The phrase began in the days of touring carnivals and circuses. A carnival or circus performer or stagehand who found himself in an argument or altercation with patrons or other outsiders yelled, “hey, Rube,” the signal for his colleagues to run and help him out. An item in the Chicago Tribune in 1882 explained that “a canvasman watching a tent is just like a man watching his home. He'll fight in a minute if the outsider cuts the canvas [to sneak in], and if a crowd comes to quarrel—he will yell, ‘Hey, Rube!' That's the circus rallying cry, and look out for war when you hear it.” “Rube” might have been the name of an actual person summoned for assistance, although another possibility is that “rube” referred, as it still does, to country bumpkins; that is, to members of rural carnival and circus audiences who were likely to start trouble.
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The following middle schools won grants via the Rube Goldberg Machine Challenge:
TEACHERS: Download a PowerPoint on Rube Goldberg machines at: www.
Overwhelmed with the responsibility, Rube hires Esther, a local black woman whose husband- in an attempt to establish himself and his farm as competitive cotton producers - has just purchased his second mule and ignited a stirring of dissonance and contempt within the usually quiet community.
Rube e un romanzo psicologico ma anche storico e politico, il ritratto di un intellettuale piccolo borghese dei primi decenni del secolo il quale, cresciuto dal padre riel mito del "tutto o niente" (357), (3) per tutta la vita insegue "la professione assoluta, la guerra assoluta, l'amore assoluto" (358).
You can curl up in front of the fireplace before retiring to the tent, which is outfitted with a queen-sized bed and topped with a fake-fur comforter; a small case is stocked with condoms, a rube of lubricant, and a gold dildo.
Although her knowledge of published sources and her pyrotechnics of writing are impressive, her results -- like the Rube Goldberg contraptions that are contrived for their own sake -- are clever and interesting, but not entirely convincing.
Upon reflection, I don't even feel like the rube I am, the Cannes rookie who had his pocket picked.
Newark Electronics presented Purdue University engineering students with a first place win in the 2001 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest.
But that's the whole idea behind the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest hosted by Purdue University in West Lafayette.
There are quite possibly OEM designers in industry who have never even heard of Rube Goldberg, though one would expect these individuals to be youthful ingenues with the ink on their diplomas still drying.
That's unfortunate, because the PPS system is of such Rube Goldbergian complexity as to be overwhelming.
More than any other owner in sports, Turner has the moxie to just fire this rube.
It's the Rube Goldberg Communication Machine where less is never more; more is more.
the nation's leading shredder company, announced today that it will sponsor the 23rd annual Rube Goldberg Machine Contest on April 1 at Indiana's Purdue University.
The $532 million, 59,000-member Zeal Credit Union has sponsored an attempt to get the largest Rube Goldberg machine ever into the Guinness Book of World Records.