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That would be "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart," which didn't even draw the rubbernecking aud in its premiere.
Idiots Out Wandering Around" mode is a condition causing people to run into each other with cars while rubbernecking.
In a phenomenon Wool refers to as "electron rubbernecking," the negatively charged electrons can easily be lured down side streets if a material carrying too great an attractive charge is nearby (a situation further complicated by the diminishing size and increasing proximity of the components that end up on the circuit board).
Coifman had to consider people changing lanes, entering and exiting from ramps, rubbernecking, etc.
But watching these lifeless bodies also entertains us, or why would commercial TV give us so many chances to do sot We are horrified and titillated at the sight of these bloodied corpses, and being forced to see every detail of the insult visited on their wounded flesh provides a guilty pleasure, evoking the rubbernecking voyeur in us.
Even those who disdain back-fence gossip find themselves rubbernecking an accident on the freeway from time to time.
This was the And you shouldn't feel like you are rubbernecking.
THE POWER OF THE CRITIC IS A PARADOX: THEY WIELD MERE words in the face of alchemic artistry, rubbernecking and scribbling around the work of creation.
This includes getting out of the way of an ambulance, not rubbernecking when passing an accident scene, not following an ambulance to get out of traffic and not using the hard shoulder.
Calls have been made for the partitions to be used on the dual carriageway to stop rubbernecking.
To equate his refusal to chat about it with guilt and to slur him with innuendo that he was,somehow, responsible for his wife's murder seems extravagant and is almost a sort of gleeful visual rubbernecking.
She is also a massive i reality star in the US, where Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (TLC, Tues) is the centre of dropped-jaw rubbernecking in much the same way Gypsy Weddings was here.
It has been said that we do feel a little comfort at the misery of others and vicarious tears, happily called catharsis, are often nothing more than rubbernecking self-indulgence.
Watching Faldo this week has felt like rubbernecking at a car crash scene.