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But all the same they can't help rubbernecking at the devastation of the lives of others.
I'm all for the grandstanding that Doyle displayed, win or lose - in fact the jockey had also been seen rubbernecking on the horse last week, but only when six lengths clear and 100 yards from the finish - as it definitely adds to the spectacle, cranking up the excitement/ interest levels, and hopefully this defeat won't have knocked his confidence or dissuade him from doing it again.
But their story is newsworthy - magnificently so - which is why I feel I'm rubbernecking at a motorway pile- up, and shouldn't.
Luckily, he says the company has had no incidents with speeders or rubbernecking drivers.
I did want students to read closely, to think and feel, to alter and challenge their middle-class assumptions, their unchallenged collective consumerist auto-enthusiast fuel-addicted rubbernecking car-crash watching SUV-driving genophobic mysophobic thanatophobic suburban bourgeois beliefs.
Idiots Out Wandering Around" mode is a condition causing people to run into each other with cars while rubbernecking.
In a phenomenon Wool refers to as "electron rubbernecking," the negatively charged electrons can easily be lured down side streets if a material carrying too great an attractive charge is nearby (a situation further complicated by the diminishing size and increasing proximity of the components that end up on the circuit board).
Coifman had to consider people changing lanes, entering and exiting from ramps, rubbernecking, etc.
When surveillance sees a cashier rubbernecking and then placing small objects into piles beneath the countertop, in a drawer, or in other places, investigators are notified.
Calls have been made for the partitions to be used on the dual carriageway to stop rubbernecking.
Dubai: Rubbernecking and congestion caused by rubbernecking causes delays for ambulances reaching accident sites and could lead to additional accidents, a Dubai Police official said.
I think the second crash of yesterday could have been due to people rubbernecking, not concentrating on the road and looking at the incident on the other side of the motorway.
2 concern, followed by drink driving or driving under the influence of alcohol, rubbernecking (insufficient distance between vehicles), and jumping of red signals.
Maybe those hundreds of thousands and maybe millions who cheered the Olympic Torch relay runners and the entourage of sponsors following on behind would disagree with me, but then again the great British public have an appetite for any free rubbernecking event.
Jade Goody's life and death has been like a long, slow car crash which the viewing public has been shamelessly rubbernecking.