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Further, it showed Rubberneck and another guard had just left the compound.
If one driver pauses - for instance, to rubberneck - the touch on the brakes creates a two- or three-minute wait for the 50th car behind him.
Luckily being unfashionably early - an hour and a half - for Julien Macdonald's show it gave me a chance to rubberneck at a proper star and watch the paps in action.
This fifth full-length solo project and second live disc on her own Rubberneck Records imprint is a novel concept--a live album produced by fans--that works on many levels but isn't quite as strong as her more polished studio works.
Those words seem almost quaint in a world where Barbara Walters urges Monica Lewinsky to share details with 40 million viewers, or where so many of us rubberneck at the checkout stand to catch tabloid headlines about some final secret about Di or JFK Jr.
Moreover, a self-driving car won't rubberneck or brake unpredictably.
The Sports Guy reflects on Rubberneck Nation and its collective fascination with Todd Bertuzzi's fateful punch.
If every rubberneck who'd turned up for a squint of James Turner Street had left a tenner, we'd be hearing none of this victimhood piffle.
The centre will also be featuring its own indie club, Rubberneck, showcasing local bands along with national and international names to watch.
Rubberneck front man Smoove will be delivering the Newcastle workshop with Jess Roberts.
For five days, Patrick Richardson's home has sat on the Ventura Freeway, causing thousands of motorists to rubberneck at the sight of the abandoned, green ranch-style house on the shoulder.
An array of other events will also be taking place over the two days, and there will be music on the main stage from Keiretsu, Psychedelic Breakfast, Becky Owen, Rubberneck and the Newcastle Jazz Orchestra.
If people are as willing to populate theaters as they,are to rubberneck from their cars, Disney is in for a hit.
The idea behind the campaign, he said, is not to fine vehicles that obstruct traffic but to teach people not to rubberneck in the first place.
Ugly to see, but somehow you can't help but rubberneck.