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rubber-stamp something

if someone rubber-stamps a decision or a plan, they give it official approval, often without thinking about it enough
Usage notes: If someone official has examined a document, they often put a special mark on it using a rubber stamp (= a small printing device made of rubber).
School governors will not simply rubber-stamp what teachers have already decided. The court was asked to rubber-stamp the Department's decision to free the men.
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DOE office for rubber-stamp approval, after which the DOE accommodatingly wrote a check.
DAVID Walliams' fiancee Lara Stone rubber-stamps her place as one of fashion's top models in this sexy photo shoot.
The latest horror follows a familiar story line: District bureaucrats come up with a seemingly flawless plan, which the school board promptly rubber-stamps.
PREMIER League strugglers Dundee will be given a huge boost this week when the National Lottery rubber-stamps a pounds 1.
As long as I'm around,'' Helms said, ``there's not going to be a Senate Foreign Relations Committee that rubber-stamps dumb and dangerous arms control treaties while sending blank checks to the United Nations and embracing (Cuba's President) Fidel Castro.